Driving Control and Safety Products Steering System

Power steering reduces the effort required to turn the steering wheel and is found on virtually all vehicles. Electric power steering (EPS) uses an electric motor to assist the steering of a vehicle and improves fuel economy compared to hydraulic systems. An Electric Control Unit (ECU) receives signals from a variety of sensors, such as vehicle speed and torque sensors, to control the optimal motor output and ensure the best handling and stability under all driving conditions.
As steering is a function that directly affects the motion of the vehicle, EPS must have a high level of reliability. It also has a vital role in driving support systems, requiring fail operation so that performance is maintained for a period even in the event of a malfunction.
To meet these needs, DENSO has developed a dual assist EPS and began manufacturing it in 2015. 


Electric Power Steering Integrated Controller and Motor

Adopting a redundant design concept with dual drive circuit and motor, the failure of one drive circuit/motor means that the other can continue to assist steering. The integrated structure of drive circuit and motor allows for a system 30% smaller and 20% lighter than existing designs, achieving downsizing and reliability at the same time.
This is how DENSO provides drivers with safe and reliable steering while contributing to autonomous driving technology.

Electric Power Steering Motor

Traditional power steering systems are hydraulic, but Electric Power Steering is becoming much more common. The Power Steering System allows the driver to turn the steering wheel with less efffort. The Electric Power Steering Motor supplements the torque that the driver applies to the steering wheel. The Electric Power Steering System uses its electric motor only when the steering wheel is turned, thus reducing fuel consumption. Electric Power Steering Systems can be controlled more precisely than Hydraulic Power Steering Systems.

Electric Power Steering Electronic Control Unit

Steering Torque Sensor