Brand Vision



We are DENSO

We believe that the future is for making, not just for talking about. Innovation has figured into every instance of breakthrough products and equipment that have changed the course of history. And we at DENSO have devoted ourselves to creating innovative technologies and components for fulfilling core functions in breakthrough products.

What do we mean by "Core"

The core functionality that we supply benefits from the professionalism and the commitment to conscientious manufacturing that we have nurtured at DENSO. Spawning continual innovation at DENSO is a companywide, uncompromising perfectionism in production engineering, in quality assurance, in every phase of manufacturing.
A lot of the technological advances spawned at DENSO render service behind the scenes, out of sight. But all of our advances contribute in one way or another to shaping a better world—enriching life, engendering peace of mind, safeguarding the natural environment.

Core of Automotive Technologies and Beyond

Our progress has included establishing a DENSO presence around the world. And our presence will continue to broaden as we assert DENSO strengths in a growing range of product sectors. For we believe that the world awaits DENSO technology.
We will assert distinctively DENSO value in socially responsible solutions for ever-evolving needs: in mobility, in industry, in daily life.

For All the Better World

Our product portfolio will grow beyond the automotive sector. In all applications we will continue to focus on identifying and providing what is truly useful and fulfilling. And, through our people, we will tap an unprecedented range of capabilities, irrespective of nationality, gender, or age.
Marshaling new concepts and redoubled passion, we will focus on crafting technologies that serve at the core of future breakthroughs. We are determined for DENSO to be, more than ever, a company that shapes a better world for future generations.