As a member of the community, we at DENSO do everything possible to enhance people's lives. We make a lasting impact on society through our products and services. And often, our company and employees plan and carry out projects that help people in a direct and visible way. DENSO public-interest activities span the globe, lending a hand to the needy--or helping them help themselves--in all the nations where we do business. Our methods differ according to local customs and practices. But the philanthropic spirit prevails.

Employees at DENSO headquarters collect clothes for the needy.

In England, personal and corporate efforts paid off in a donation to a local hospice.

DENSO employees in Michigan spent their free time helping weather proof homes.

One of our longest-lasting programs helping people in Japan is DENSO Taiyo Co., Ltd. That operation is dedicated to providing employment for handicapped persons. And in the past year, those employees put together their 10 millionth automobile meter panel. That record and their everyday hard work are helping to show that anyone can overcome their handicaps and be a productive member of society. All one needs is the right support and the right equipment.

To give individual employees a chance to lend a hand to the needy, we have been operating a volunteer support center in Japan since 1994. And in the past year, we set a record for volunteer participation: More than 1,200 people have signed up to help out in areas such as assisting the elderly and handicapped, protecting the environment, and directing youth sports.

A Japanese project run directly by individual employees is the DENSO clothes collection drive. Jackets, shirts, pants, and other items go to the needy in developing nations who can't afford to buy new clothes. We hold the drive every spring and fall, with the change of seasons and attire. People near to and far from our headquarters area bring old clothes to the company gymnasium. In the June 1996 drive, we collected more than 580 boxes of clothes and 450,000 yen in donations.

Helping out in small ways can be fun too. In England, two of our employees went on a wacky all-day orienteering trek covering more than a hundred kilometers. In the process, they raised money for the Tellford Hospice. And the company matched their contribution to that home for the seriously ill.

In Michigan, DENSO employees opted for old-fashioned hard work. Volunteers, armed with brushes, scrapers, and financial support from the company, set out on a Saturday to paint and make repairs on houses in a low-income neighborhood. Our people's hard work helped to protect people's homes from the harsh elements in the northern United States.