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Small Motors
Increased by 6.6% year on year to ¥193.6 billion.
This is equivalent to 6.9% of net sales.
Windshield wiper systems, windshield washer systems, power window motors, and other automotive motors
 •  World’s First Car Air-conditioner Blower Motor Module
Combines blower motor and driver circuit with built-in relay functions.
 •  Brushless Variable-gear Ratio Steering Motor
This product, designed to reduce vibration, requires no external vibration damper.
The DENSO Group company responsible for small-motor business is Asmo Co., Ltd., which in 2004 celebrated its 25th anniversary and the production of its two-billionth motor in Japan.
Production-related developments for the year ended March 2005 included the establishment of new production lines for next-generation windshield wiper systems, power window motors, power seat motors and other products in China. A reliability testing facility in China was also expanded. DENSO also expanded an engineering center in the United States and a reliability testing facility in Indonesia.
  Factors contributing to sales growth included buoyant worldwide sales of windshield wiper systems, and strong demand for power-seat motors and sliding-door closer motors in North America and Japan.
The market demands continuous improvements in windshield wiper systems, including reductions in size and weight. In addition to improvements in basic wiping performance, there is also a need for qualitative enhancements in the appearance of exterior parts. DENSO will continue to develop products to meet all of these needs. Reductions in weight and size and the improvement of exterior appearance are also priorities for windshield washer systems. Another requirement is the improvement of cleaning efficiency to reduce the amount of fluid used by washer systems. DENSO is working to develop lighter, more compact systems. The Company has also improved the exterior appearance by developing systems with nozzles in concealed locations, such as beneath the hood. Future development goals include the improvement of performance during high-speed travel, and the reduction of the amount of washer fluid consumed per use.
  In the power-window motor category, there is a growing need for smaller, lighter motors to fit in the increasingly slim doors of modern cars. There is also growing demand for smart motors with built-in control circuits as new cars are increasingly being fitted with jam-protection systems. DENSO has already brought some of the world’s lightest, most compact power window motors to market. The Company has also developed smart power window motors and is preparing for their commercial introduction.
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