Mid-term Policy

Mid-term Policy is a path for achieving goals in fiscal 2026 that will help us realize the Long-term Policy for 2030 "Bringing hope for the future for our planet, society and all people“.

Prerequisites for realizing the goal of the Mid-term Policy for 2025

Five Pillars of Global Management

We aim to achieve our goals by focusing on the following five pillars together with our 170,000 colleagues around the world.

Sustainable Management

Establish a solid, unshakable business foundation
(Safety and Quality, Risk management, Earnings )

High Aspirations and Proper Work Processes

Transform workstyles through digitalization with the aim of realizing world-first and world-best offerings

Transformation of Business Portfolio

Transform business structure by achieving growth and promoting de-emphasis and discontinuation in collaboration with the industry and our business partners.

Realization of Carbon Neutrality

Lead the industry in becoming carbon neutral.
(Realize both competitiveness and carbon neutrality)

Generation of New Value

Achieve business growth through the provision of products and solutions in new fields.


We set aims by 2025 (or 2035 depending on the item) for each value we will provide and strive to achieve them.


Important milestones of fiscal 2026 for being sustainable company to realize our aims.