Koji Kobayashi Vice Chairman
Member of the Board
DENSO Corporation

Koji Kobayashi is vice chairman of DENSO Corporation, headquartered in Kariya, Aichi, Japan.

Kobayashi graduated from Shiga University in Hikone, Japan, in 1972, after which he joined Toyota Motor Corporation.

During his more than 30 years with Toyota, Kobayashi acquired extensive business experience working in several divisions, including Human Resources, Accounting (Audit and Cost Accounting), Finance, Domestic Planning and Sales. Kobayashi introduced the Toyota Production System into Toyota’s sales companies.

In 2003, Kobayashi joined DENSO Corporation as project general manager in the Corporate Planning Division and executive vice president of DENSO Finance & Accounting Center Co., Ltd.

In June 2004, Kobayashi was named one of DENSO’s executive directors and president of DENSO Finance & Accounting Center Co., Ltd. In 2007, he was promoted to senior executive director and appointed vice president in June 2010. Kobayashi took office as vice chairman of DENSO Corporation in June 2015.