Nobuaki Katoh Chairman
Member of the Board
DENSO Corporation

Nobuaki Katoh is chairman of DENSO Corporation, headquartered in Kariya, Aichi, Japan.

Katoh joined DENSO Corporation (formerly Nippondenso Co., Ltd.) in 1971 after graduating from Keio University in Tokyo with a degree in Business and Commerce.

In 1996, Katoh was named director of the Air-Conditioning Planning Division, where his main responsibilities included developing business strategies to increase DENSO's share of the air conditioning market. Katoh's strategies worked: DENSO's share of the air conditioning market increased, and DENSO has maintained the global number one market share for air conditioners since that time.

In 1999, Katoh was made director of the Corporate Planning Division. In this position, he led the project to develop DENSO’s long-term policy and business strategy, and used his planning skills to help further globalize DENSO’s business.

In June 2000, he was named one of DENSO's executive directors, and in June 2005, became president of DENSO Europe B.V., DENSO's European headquarters. He worked to increase the quality of locally manufactured products and strengthen management in Europe, and returned the business in Europe to profitability.

Katoh was promoted to senior executive director and returned to Japan in June 2007, where he was appointed president and CEO in June 2008. He carried out DENSO’s restructuring after the financial market chaos that followed the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, and achieved the highest business performance ever in 2013. He also worked to globalize the business by reinforcing the production and supply system and establishing technical centers in seven regions around the world. He led the formulation of the Long-term Policy 2020 for the DENSO Group, and promoted technology development in the environment and safety areas, innovation of monozukuri, and expansion of automotive aftermarket business and new areas of business. He took office as chairman of DENSO Corporation in June 2015.