Low-Carbon Lifestyle and Movement

Basic Stance

DENSO believes that environmentally responsible conduct on the part of its can make a significant contribution to the prevention of global warming.

To this end, we are making efforts to establish a foundation for and raise awareness of Eco Life, including reducing transport energy by half through the introduction of next-generation BEV/PHEV company cars and car sharing, as well as reducing energy used at home by half through energy-saving ingenuity.

Specific Initiatives

Initiatives to Reduce People’s Movement Energy by Half

DENSO promotes the use of clean energy vehicles and low pollution-emitting cars in the Company’s fleet and maintains and promotes the use of public transport through the dispatch of a shuttle bus to and from the nearest station.

In January 2022, DENSO introduced a fuel-cell electric bus in an effort to promote the use of clean energy and to contribute to the growth of a hydrogen-based society. In addition to its use as a commuter bus, there are plans to utilize the vehicle to transport passengers to and from tours of the Company’s plants.

    • FCEV

Promoting an Eco-Friendly People Mover System[DENSO CORPORATION]

There are numerous occasions in which vehicles are used for work purposes. In order to reduce environmental load and conserve energy when moving, DENSO CORPORATION is promoting the introduction of an eco-friendly people mover system that combines DENSO’s unique technologies (macro grid, etc.) and eco-friendly vehicles (BEVs, PHEVs).
Furthermore, DENSO possesses ultra-light electric vehicles with stored energy, which serve as a transportation power source in the event that our conventional business-use power sources become suspended due to a natural disaster or other emergency.

    • Plug-in hybrid vehicle (Nishio Plant)

      Plug-in hybrid vehicle (Nishio Plant)

    • COMS (Anjo Plant)

      COMS (Anjo Plant)

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    Notes: 1. The Pico Grid System® developed by DENSO Corporation uses small-scale solar power generation, a storage battery, and ultra-light electric vehicles and combines a stand-alone direct current-distributed power system for the supply of power and a vehicle management system. The use of direct current as is suppresses loss through conversion from a direct to an alternate current. 2. The in-house eco-friendly people mover system is solely for large-scale plants.

Eco-Driving Promotion[DENSO CORPORATION]

We have designated November of each year as eco-driving awareness month. Throughout this month, we run internal programs to promote eco-driving and traffic safety education in a bid to raise employee awareness.

Note: Eco-driving refers to an environmentally considerate style of driving automobiles. This approach incorporates cautious and thoughtful driving, such as not idling vehicles during operation and accelerating and decelerating smoothly, helping to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.