Promoting Employee Health

Basic Stance

Good physical and mental health provides the source for working in a lively and energetic manner and is essential for ensuring the happiness of our employees and their families. DENSO positions promoting the health of its employees as an important management task and is therefore moving forward with “health and productivity management.”*
DENSO announced its Health Declaration in September 2016. At the same time, to encourage activities that promote employee health and raise the level of health awareness in the workplace, DENSO is working to enhance its health-related initiatives from the perspective of both physical and mental.

* The term “health and productivity management” is a registered trademark of the Nonprofit Organaization Kenkokeiei.

DENSO Health Declaration

DENSO believes that good physical and mental health allows its employees to fully demonstrate their individual capabilities and personalities, which in turn further invigorates the Company as a whole. DENSO also believes that the happiness and passion that stem from being in good physical and mental health provide the driving force for energizing the Company and helping it attract new talent. In addition to enhancing the health-related initiatives we have thus far promoted, we hereby declare our intention to create a company in which employees can maintain good health and work in an energetic fashion. In doing so, we will realize our management principle of “corporate vitality and respect for individuality.”

September, 2016

In addition, to promote health management at all DENSO Group companies, we formulated the “DENSO Group Health and Productivity Management Basic Principle” (February 2019). DENSO Group companies will share this basic principle, and implement activities suited to the current conditions in each country and region. Accordingly, we will strive to improve each associate's health awareness (Health Literacy) and create more comfortable working environments.

Denso Group Health and Productivity Management Basic Principle

The DENSO Group believes that good physical and mental health allows our associates to fully demonstrate their individual capabilities and personalities, which in turn further invigorates the company as a whole. We also believe that the happiness and passion that stem from being in good physical and mental health will attract people and provide the driving force for energizing the company. To realize the DENSO basic principle of "corporate vitality and respect for individuality” we aim to become a company where every associates can work in a healthy and energetic working environment.

1. Improving the health of each associates

We strive to provide information and opportunities for increasing our associates' health awareness(health literacy) so that all associates can take control of their own health and develop healthy behavior (appropriate diet and fitness habits, non-smoking, etc.).

2. Establishing a more associate-friendly work environment

We strive to establish a comfortable working environment that is friendly to every associates and enables diverse talent working at the DENSO Group to play an active role. Create a corporate culture that enables all associates to care about each other's health by encouraging communication through workplace management.

3. Promoting group-wide activities

We believe that continuing to pursue activities placing health as an important business challenge provides a driving force for building a company that continues to create new values and inspiring to society. The DENSO Group will share this basic principle, and implement activities suited to current conditions in each country and region.

Promotion Structure

The Healthcare Promotion Division (which includes specialized professions such as public health nurses and general nurses) and related divisions have established a “Health Care Committee” to advance health promotion measures at DENSO.
We assign a “health manager” (section chief) and “health promotion leader” in each division, formulate an annual plan for health promotion (Health Actions), further health promotion measures with colleagues, strive to improve personal health awareness (Health Literacy), and mobilize the organization.
In addition, we provide appropriate support to the Group companies in Japan and overseas, based on the hygiene situation and medical environment in each country and region, thereby promoting the mental and physical health of our associates.

We are stepping up measures for the prevention, early detection, and treatment of diseases across the Group while formulating medium-term health plans and establishing targets for initiatives that cater to the conditions at each company.
In collaboration with each regional headquarters, we are implementing health promotion activities in accordance with the issues and conditions in each region and at each Group company, while sharing the results of past activities and annual Health Actions.

  • health-img-health-care-committee-en

Specific Initiatives

The Company views the ability of its employees to perform at their best in a sound mental and physical condition as a management issue that it must aim to resolve through health and productivity management. To this end, we are working to achieve the ultimate goal of reducing absences from work due to illness (absenteeism) and controlling any potential decline in employees’ ability to perform due to poor health (presenteeism).

From fiscal 2023, we will focus on mental health and lifestyle disease countermeasures as priority initiatives, and promote health and productivity management by setting indicators related to employee awareness and behavioral change, including our original “Employee Lifestyle Score,” the rate of metabolic syndrome improvement, and the rate of thorough health examinations taken and medical institution visits.

Health and Productivity Management Certifications


  • Selected under Health & Productivity Stock Selection for four consecutive years (2017–2020)

  • Recognized by Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition (the White 500) Program for seven consecutive years (2017–2023)

  • Selected as Sports Yell Company for four years in a row (2020–2023)

  • Received Aichi Health Management Award (fiscal 2020)

〈DENSO Group〉

1. Superior Health & Productivity Companies *2 (41 companies)

  • health-and-productivity

Large-scale companies, White 500

      DENSO Health Insurance Association
      DENSO Pension Fund


  • DENSO AIRCOOL Corporation





  • health-and-productivity

Large-scale companies





  • Kyosan Denki Co., Ltd.


  • DENSO Katsuyama Co., Ltd.








  • DENSO FACILITIES Corporation

  • DENSO Kyushu Corporation



  • MIRISE Technologies Corporation

  • NIPPA Corporation

  • health-and-productivity

Small and medium-sized companies, Bright 500



  • health-and-productivity

Small and medium-sized companies








  • DENSO MTEC Corporation




  • 3D Incorporated

*2 Superior Health & Productivity Companies
The Superior Health & Productivity Companies (the White 500) Program is not restricted to listed companies and recognizes corporations that implement superior health and productivity management in collaboration with insurers such as health insurance associations. Among the companies certified as Superior Health & Productivity Companies (large-scale company division), companies who ranked in the top 500 of the Survey on Health and Productivity Management are recognized as “White 500” companies.


Improving the Health Awareness of Each Employee

We are implementing measures to encourage healthier behavior targeting each employee and workplace. For example, we have the executive officer in charge of health communicate messages to each health manager (section chief) based on the theme of “creating workplaces and promoting human resource development so that all employees can work in good health and with enthusiasm.” We also share health data for each department (Employee Lifestyle Score, DENSO’s proprietary indicator for health management, and status of receiving specific health guidance, mental health assessments, and other recommended examinations) and have rolled out 11 important Health Actions.

Mental Health Countermeasures

We are promoting a wide range of initiatives to promptly identify employees dealing with mental health issues and provide them with the care that they need.

(1) Establishment of Mental Health Consultation Offices

We have in place a structure that allows employees to receive consultation from expert medical staff on a 24-hour basis. Through this structure, we provide mental health support that is closely connected to the workplace.

(2) Implementation of Stress Checks and Follow-up Care

Since fiscal 2014, we have been implementing mental health checks, thereby establishing an environment where employees can check their stress levels in advance of the revisions to the Industrial Safety and Health Act. In addition to reporting the results of these checks to each individual employee, we relay the results of our workplace stress analysis to each company office in an effort to provide further support for the mental health of our employees. Additionally, we hold one-on-one meetings with employees who are under particularly high levels of stress in order to promptly provide them with care.

In 2020, we added questions to these mental health checks that help determine the sleeping patterns of employees in an effort to focus our attention on sleep, which is believed to have a great impact on mental or physical health.

Status of Mental Health Check Implementation
Fiscal year 2020 2021 2022 2023
Number of employees receiving checks (percentage) 49,976(96.5%) 50,816(97.1%) 49,169(97.0%) 48,473(97.5%)

Implementation Status of Sleeping Pattern Checks

  • Implemented sleeping pattern checks for 30,687 employees. Checks were conducted via email in fiscal 2022.

  • Approximately 96% of employees had no sleep-related problems (below threshold).

(3) Establishment of Support Systems for Returning to Work (Introduced in Fiscal 2007)

To ensure that employees who have taken long leaves of absences due to physical or mental illness can make a smooth return to the workplace, we have established a support structure for returning to work under which occupational physicians and expert medical staff coordinate closely with the supervisors of such employees.

(4) Mental Health Training

We hold training based on case studies for our managerial personnel, which is provided by occupational physicians. We have also incorporated a mental health-related curriculum in our training for new hires.

Training Results in Fiscal 2023

· Results of Case Study-Based Training for Managerial Personnel
Participants 427
Number of sessions held Total of two times
(September 8 and September 15)
Training time 1 hour 50 minutes
· Education for Newly Appointed Team Leaders
Participants 48
Number of sessions held Total of 6 times
(between July and August)
Training time 1 hour 30 minutes

Promoting Measures to Alleviate Metabolic Syndrome

With the aim of preventing and promptly treating lifestyle-related diseases, we have been promoting various awareness-raising activities and enhancing relevant systems.

(1) Strengthening Specific Health Guidance

For individuals that qualify under guidelines determined by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, we have in place a system for receiving specific health guidance from in-house experts during work hours as a means to prevent lifestyle-related illnesses. In addition, we are stepping up measures to follow up with employees that qualify for but have not received specific health guidance.
Target: Ratio of employees qualifying for specific health guidance of 15% or lower

(2) Strengthening Recommended Examinations

We are strengthening our efforts to provide health guidance to individuals that require special health examinations for risks of high blood pressure and high blood sugar and are thoroughly implementing measures to follow up with employees who require such examinations but have not received.

* Target: Ratio of employees receiving special health examinations of 95% or higher

(3) Nutrition education activities that make use of the employee cafeteria

By implementing nutrition education activities that make use of the employee cafeteria, we are creating opportunities for employees to raise their awareness toward health and balanced nutrition and improve their own dietary habits.

We are promoting education on healthy diets in a delicious and fun manner by offering healthy lunch sets that are well-balanced in terms of nutrients, devising ways to increase our employees’ intake of dietary fiber and vegetables, and preparing desserts that contain nutrients which women in particular tend to lack.

    • Food education

      Provision of information via a tabletop display

    • Food education

      Visualization of the amount of vegetables in a meal

    • Food education

      Pudding that contains iron

(4) Activities to Decrease Smoking Rates

To reduce the health-related risks from smoking and prevent secondhand smoke, we have been engaging in a Companywide project since fiscal 2012 that promotes efforts to discourage smoking. As part of our environmental efforts, we put in place a total indoor smoking ban (completed in fiscal 2019) and strictly enforce a no-smoking policy during work hours in an effort to reduce health risks. We also hold seminars on how to stop smoking and have introduced outpatient treatment for employees trying to quit. In these ways, we are implementing a variety of activities aimed at improving the rate of non-smokers.

Furthermore, in an effort to prevent secondhand smoke, we started gradually promoting a ban on cigarette smoking in fiscal 2021, and completed a Companywide ban on cigarette smoking in April 2021.

  • Poster announcing the ban on cigarettes

    • Poster announcing the ban on cigarettes

(5) Efforts to prevent and treat cancer

The sooner that cancer is detected and treated, the better the chances of recovery are for the patient. Accordingly, to ensure that employees are able to realize changes in their bodies at an early stage, we conduct various cancer examinations in-house. Going forward, we will promote efforts to help reduce the health risks caused by cancer.

1966~ • Chest X-ray: Lung cancer; Barium swallow test: Stomach and esophagus cancer, etc.
1985~ • Abdominal echo: Liver and kidney cancer, etc.
1995~ • Fecal occult blood test: Large intestine cancer
2017~ • Examination bus: Breast and cervical cancer
• Stomach cancer risk [ABC classification test], prostate cancer risk [PSA test]

Establishment of the Health Management Indicator “Lifestyle Score”

With the aim of assessing the health level of each employee and at each workplace and providing employees with opportunities to make realizations about their health and improve their health behavior, the Company has established its original Employee Lifestyle Score,*4 an indicator based on data from individual employee checkups, which corresponds to the health behavior and health data targets set in Healthy Japan 21,*3 and has set the Companywide average value as a management target.

*3 Health Japan 21 is a policy formulated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to promote the health of Japan’s population with the goal of preventing lifestyle-related diseases and extending healthy life expectancy.

*4 “Employee Lifestyle Score” calculation method
A total score of 100 points, consisting of 80 points for health behaviors and 20 points for health data. Calculations are based on the results of employees’ annual health checkups.

Item Score
Health behavior Diet (Time and frequency: Item 3) 80 points
(Item 10)
Exercise (Amount and frequency: Item 4)
Alcohol (Amount and frequency: Item 1)
Sleep and rest (Status: Item 1)
Smoking (Status: Item 1)
Health Data BMI (Body mass index) (weight/height2) 20 points
(Item 5)
Blood pressure
Lipid count (blood test)
Blood sugar (blood test)
Mental health status
Total (Lifestyle Score) 100 points

Furthermore, we make office health promotion leaders aware of the Lifestyle Scores for their respective workplace, thereby enabling them to formulate effective Health Actions.
Based on their Lifestyle Scores, we distribute written notifications to employees that contain advice on their strengths and weaknesses as well as information on how they compare to employees of the same age and what kinds of efforts they should make in the future. By raising the percentage of employees with healthy lifestyle habits, these activities aim to increase our Companywide average Lifestyle Score to 77.0 (up 10 points compared with fiscal 2018).
In addition, DENSO Kenko Station (DKS), developed in-house, is a health app that allows users to register not only Lifestyle Scores but also health checkup data, dietary data such as calories and salt content of food consumed at the company cafeteria, weight, step counts, blood pressure, and other data. Employees can utilize the app in their day-to-day health management.

Employee Lifestyle Score
Fiscal year 2020 2021 2022 2023
Target 73.0 points 74.5 points 76.0 points 77.0 points
Results 71.4 points 72.5 points 74.0 points 74.7 points

  • Denso Kenko Station (DKS)

    • DKS

Efforts to Address Health-related Issues for Women

We conduct a fact-finding survey to assess health issues facing women and the impact of poor health conditions on their work. We also offer online examinations (feedback provided by gynecologists), create opportunities for women to receive proper health knowledge, and provide online consultations and introductions to medical institutions.

Health Events

(1) Online Health Seminars (Introduced in 2020)

To encourage healthier behavior among each employee, we hold various online seminars throughout the year (in collaboration with DENSO HEALTH INSURANCE SOCIETY) and disseminate health awareness-raising videos and materials on a Groupwide basis.

Fiscal 2023
Details Number of Attendees
May Cancer screening awareness 3,391
June Sleep improvement 5,785
July Communication skills 3,398
August Anger management 3,413
September Women’s health issues 4,045
November Gut health 4,534
January Gut 4,216

(2) Holding of Month-long Session for Promoting Employee Health (Every January)

To encourage proper exercise habits and raise health awareness among employees during winter, when people are less active and have more opportunities to eat and drink, we hold a month-long session for promoting employee health.
We also hold events in which employees can participate online, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

〈Fiscal 2022〉
  • Online health seminars on exercise and mental health

  • Online fitness classes during lunch breaks (for internal staff)

  • Health quiz

〈Fiscal 2023〉
  • Online health seminars on improving mental health

  • Provision of healthy menus (in collaboration with employee cafeteria and in-house stores)

  • Collection, voting, and selection of humorous health-related haiku

  • Radio calisthenics campaign (distribution of videos and materials on how to properly perform radio calisthenics)

Number of Main Participants
Content Health seminars on exercise Online fitness classes during lunch Seminars on mental health Health quiz
Number of participants 663 436 809 543

    • online-fitness

      Online workout

    • senryu

      Comedic health-related haiku

(3) Step Race (Collaborative project with DENSO WORKERS’ UNION)

As a collaborative effort with the DENSO WORKERS’ UNION, we hold a step race every year in June and November (6,734 participants in fiscal 2023) as a health-related event that provides opportunities for employees to give consideration to their health.

Measures to Prevent Infectious Diseases

As an effort to prepare for an outbreak of a pandemic, relevant divisions of the Company have formulated a basic policy and response manual from the perspective of preventing infection. In the event that such a pandemic occurs, we will promote the necessary infection prevention measures.

When COVID-19 began to spread on a global scale, we rigorously implemented measures to encourage preventive behavior and control the spread of the virus internally. These efforts included the formulation of rules for employees infected with COVID-19 or suspected of being infected, the establishment of guidelines for meetings and business trips, and the implementation of measures to avoid overcrowding in employee cafeterias and other locations. In addition, we set up telephone hotlines via public health nurses and general nurses to promptly respond to inquiries from the workplace. In these ways, we established a system that enables our employees to work with greater peace of mind.

In addition, as a Company with many overseas bases, we recognize the importance of responding to global health issues, such as tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDS —the world’s three major infectious diseases—and are proactively implementing response measures. For employees on overseas assignments and their families, we provide information on infectious diseases as well as vaccinations and local medical support.

Contributions to Local Communities and Affiliated Companies

We implement the following activities to contribute to health-related initiatives aimed at local communities and affiliated companies.

(1) Blood donation activities

Since 1966, we have supported the blood donation activities of the Japanese Red Cross Society to contribute to the treatment of patients who need blood due to illness or injury. We also encourage our employees to volunteer to give blood at mobile blood donation stations.

(2) Health lectures, panel exhibits, and opportunities for health-related measurements (at General Meeting of Suppliers)

For our suppliers, who represent important business partners, we offer health lectures and panel exhibits via our industrial physicians and introduce the health-related activities of various offices. We also provide opportunities for our suppliers to receive health-related measurements such as body composition measurements. In these ways, we strive to make our health-related efforts well known and help support the health of our suppliers.

    • health-img-general-meeting-suppliers-01
    • health-img-general-meeting-suppliers-02
    • health-img-general-meeting-suppliers-03

Future Initiatives

With the aim of fostering a corporate climate where employees can continue to work in a healthy and energetic manner, the DENSO Group continues to support the creation of healthy lifestyles and is making strides in creating work environments that are safe, secure, and fulfilling.
Moving forward, we will share policies with Group companies in Japan and overseas and undertake initiatives with the aim of strengthening our Groupwide health management. At the same time, we will create a corporate culture based on health-related themes to promote optimal health policies and encourage healthy lifestyles.