Together with Our Shareholders and Investors

Basic Stance

The DENSO Group Sustainability Policy describes the responsibility DENSO has to its shareholders and investors to increase corporate value through stable, long-term growth and to improve the transparency of management through the timely and appropriate disclosure of business and financial information as well as through dialogues. Based on this policy, the DENSO Group is disseminating corporate information, such as management strategy and financial information, with an emphasis on timeliness, fairness, accuracy, and sustainability.

In addition, the Group is undertaking investor relations (IR) activities to realize smooth, interactive communication through general shareholders’ meetings and via its corporate website.

The opinions of shareholders and other investors that the Group obtains through this kind of communication are conveyed regularly at the Board of Directors’ meetings and leveraged in the Group’s management decision-making.

Information Disclosure and IR Activities

In order to ensure fairness and transparency in the disclosure of IR information, DENSO strives not only to observe all legal disclosure standards but also to publish information domestically and overseas without time lags by creating Japanese and English versions of reports at the same time.

DENSO also releases financial information quarterly via its website and holds financial results and technical briefings, as well as plant tours, for institutional investors and financial analysts with the purpose of promoting investment opportunities. DENSO is working to further enhance information disclosure by providing a streaming video of the general meeting of shareholders held each June on its website and inviting shareholders to a plant tour after the meeting, among other activities. In addition, we post our results briefings and the contents of the ordinary general meetings of shareholders (held every June) on our corporate website and disclose an outline of the Q&A sessions held at these briefings to ensure that an even greater number of people can view this information. In these ways, we are striving to enhance our information disclosure.

Content of IR activities
Target IR activities
Domestic institutional investors and securities analysts Quarterly financial results briefings, disclosure of the outline of the results briefings’ Q&A sessions, “one-on-one meetings”/individual interviews, small meetings, publication of integrated reports, technical briefings, plant tours (plant tours were not held in fiscal 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic), business briefings, ESG presentations
Overseas institutional investors “One-on-one meetings”/individual interviews, telephone conferences, participation in conferences organized by securities companies, publication of integrated reports, disclosure of the outline of the results briefings’ Q&A sessions
Individual investors and shareholders Holding of general meetings of shareholders
Publication of notices of convocation, publication of electronic notices of convocation that can be viewed via smartphone
Disclosure of outlines of Q&A sessions and live streaming of such sessions
Offering of plant tours after general meetings of shareholders (plant tours were not held in fiscal 2021 and fiscal 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic)
Publication of business reports, Company information sessions, distribution of IR news emails, provision of details regarding financial results briefings and disclosure of outlines of Q&A sessions at these briefings

Policy on Shareholders’ Returns and Status of Shares

In addition to carrying out capital investment, R&D, and M&A to achieve sustainable business growth and enhance its corporate value, DENSO issues a stable, long-term dividend while giving consideration to consolidated business performance, payout ratio, and dividend amount. The Company will also repurchase treasury stock after assessing its financial position and the market environment.

Guided by this policy, in fiscal 2021, DENSO paid annual cash dividends per share of ¥140, the same amount as was paid in the previous fiscal year, based on business performance and the operating environment to date. Going forward, the Company will strive to improve its corporate value and return an even greater amount of profits to its shareholders.

Breakdown of shareholders (As of Mar. 31, 2021)

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Evaluation by Outside Institutions

DENSO has received high praise for its ESG (environmental, social, and governance) initiatives to date and has been selected as a component stock on socially responsible investment indices and funds both in Japan and overseas.

Future Initiatives

While taking into consideration the needs and expectations of our shareholders and other investors as well as society at large, we will continue to raise the level of our activities geared toward enhancing information disclosure with a focus on the disclosure of business and financial information and the creation of opportunities for dialogue.