Environmental Awareness, Knowledge and Skills

Basic Stance

To promote environmental management with full employee participation, it is essential for individual employees to have a strong awareness regarding environmental preservation and to serve as environmental specialists.

At DENSO, we conduct training and events in an effort to foster environmental awareness enabling behaviors aimed at realizing sustainable societies within business duties at each level of employment as the personal mission of each employee.

Specific Initiatives

(1) Fostering environmentally conscious personnel

DENSO conducts designated training (group training) indispensable for knowledge required at each level of employment and encourages voluntary training using e-learning to foster deeper understanding. We also conduct training on life cycle assessment (LCA) for the engineers who design our products, as well as members of the sales and purchasing departments, thereby imparting fundamental knowledge and an understanding of Eco Vision 2025. In fiscal 2018, we provided training to 1,433 people.

Environmental education system[DENSO Corporation (Japan)]

*LCA: Lifecycle assessment, which refers to a method of assessing the environmental impact of products and structures. It involves the analysis and evaluation of environmental burden generated in all processes from the procurement of raw materials and the processing and manufacture of components and materials to dismantling and disposal.

(2) Educating global environmental staff

To raise the level of knowledge among environmental staff at production locations, we work to make technological expertise visible through internal safety and environmental skill standards and by creating educational tools and level-based verification systems. We have established an environmental seminar based on the Eco Vision 2025 action plan and are endeavoring to augment environmental activities throughout companies that comprise the global Group.

[TOPICS] DENSO Receives Superior Award (Corporate Category) in the 2017 Company Grand Prizes for Fostering Environmental Personnel

DENSO received the Superior Award (Corporate Category) in the 2017 Company Grand Prizes for Fostering Environmental Personnel,*1 sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment. Reasons cited for our selection were the enhanced quality and scope of our educational program based on Eco Vision 2025, which we announced in 2016; the clear positioning of this program within the corporate strategy; e-learning on product life cycle assessment (LCA)*2; and an environment that encourages employees to remain abreast of global trends, such as the SDGs.

*1 The Company Grand Prizes for Fostering Environmental Personnel are awarded to companies that conduct superior initiatives aimed at fostering human resources who promote environmental preservation and socioeconomic greening, realizing corporate management that seeks to achieve harmony with the global environment.

*2 A method for quantitatively and objectively evaluating environmental impact at all stages, from resource extraction through to manufacturing, transportation, use, disposal, and recycling


(Left) Tokutaro Nakai, Director-General for Environmental Policy, Ministry of the Environment; (right) Keiko Shimokata, Executive Director