Unless additional measures to curtail greenhouse gases are put in place, there exists a concern that the rise in average global temperatures by 2100 could have a serious worldwide impact. To curtail global warming, we are being called on to reduce CO2 emissions. DENSO aims to halve CO2 emissions through technologies that resolve global warming, energy, and resource issues.

To halve the amount of CO2 emitted by vehicles during travel, our product development efforts include the development of new technologies and products that raise fuel efficiency and enable fuel source diversification. At factories, we will promote the reduction of CO2 and aim for halving energy consumption through Energy Just-in-Time (JIT) activities corresponding to production fluctuations while improving logistics.

Ultimate Fuel Consumption Performance

We promote CO2 reduction in car-centered societies with outstanding fuel efficiency.

Minimum CO2 Monozukuri

We are aiming to reduce energy usage by half in the production sector through innovations in manufacturing.

Low-Carbon Lifestyle and Movement

Our employees practice “eco lifestyles” in all places, at all times.