Protecting our abundance of forests and natural surroundings is an essential part of achieving symbiosis between people and nature. However, around the world the amount of forest is declining, habitats of a variety of creatures are being divided, and biodiversity is being lost.

DENSO is working to augment vehicle fuel performance, engage in greening around factories and in local communities, and encourage environmental awareness among its employees.

To pass on the abundance of nature to the next generation, DENSO will conduct corporate activities aiming for symbiosis with nature through the promotion of biofuel research, agricultural support, and other environment-related new businesses, as well as the promotion of factory greening. DENSO will engage in the creation of eco-friendly communities by conducting environmentally themed social contribution activities and events in each region and business site to promote improved employee awareness and activity engagement.

New Green Technologies

We are making proactive efforts in the green environment sector by applying technology used in the automotive sector.

Workplaces Surrounded by Greenery and an Abundance of Nature

We are pursuing the creation of rich, green environments that bring happiness to all.

Environmental and Social Contribution Action

We are cultivating employees that are aware of the importance of nature and act in a way that reflects that awareness.