Corporate Citizenship Activities

To Bring Smiles to Those Close to Us

The first step to creating a better society lies
in the feelings we have for those close to us.

The more that people who share the same ambitions work together,
the closer we get to realizing such a society.

If we see someone in trouble, or someone putting forth their best effort,
DENSO will raise its voice in support.

DENSO wishes to form connections with people and society
at large so that a peaceful coexistence can be realized.

DENSO understands that the simple action of caring for
other people can become the driving force for significant social change.

DENSO also believes that, to understand the greater world community,
it must first turn its eyes to local communities.

As a good corporate citizen, DENSO is working to
contribute to the sustainable development of society.

To this end, DENSO is actively promoting corporate citizenship activities
that are deeply rooted in local communities as it aims to become a company
that is trusted and understood by society as a whole.

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