Corporate Citizenship Activities

We aim to harmoniously coexist with society by striving to engage in corporate citizenship activities in all areas where we conduct business.

To Bring Smiles to Those Close to Us

The first step to creating a better society lies in the feelings we have for those close to us.

The more that people who share the same ambitions work together, the closer we get to realizing such a society.

If we see someone in trouble, or someone putting forth their best effort, DENSO will raise its voice in support.

DENSO wishes to form connections with people and society at large so that a peaceful coexistence can be realized.

DENSO understands that the simple action of caring for other people can become the driving force for significant social change.
DENSO also believes that, to understand the greater world community, it must first turn its eyes to local communities.

As a good corporate citizen, DENSO is working to contribute to the sustainable development of society.

To this end, DENSO is actively promoting corporate citizenship activities that are deeply rooted in local communities as it aims to become a company that is trusted and understood by society as a whole.

DENSO’s corporate citizenship activities Activity Policy and Key Points

In fiscal 2006, we formulated the DENSO Group Basic Policy for Corporate Citizenship Activities. Guided by this policy, we are promoting activities in the three priority areas of “harmony with the environment,” “ensuring security and safety in communities,” and “Hitozukuri ” (developing youth and supporting differently abled persons), all of which represent areas in which we can leverage our unique strengths. As we pursue these activities, we take into account the social circumstances of each individual region.

DENSO’s corporate citizenship activities Creating a Corporate Culture That Encourages Employees to Volunteer

We have set up an employee volunteer support program to help employees who wish to participate in volunteer activities find opportunities to do so. At the same time, we are working to create a corporate culture that encourages employees to get involved in corporate citizenship activities on their own initiative.

DENSO’s corporate citizenship activities Collaboration with Local Communities and Group Companies

Turning our eyes to the social issues faced by Japan and communities all over the world, we are collaborating with Group companies and local communities to pursue corporate citizenship activities that cater to the social circumstances in each country and region of operation. Particularly, in terms of assisting disaster-stricken areas, we are continuing efforts to support the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake over a 10-year period.