Corporate Citizenship Activities

We aim to harmoniously coexist with society by striving to engage in corporate citizenship activities in all areas where we conduct business.

Preserving the abundant blessings of nature in local communities Harmony with the environment

In accordance with DENSO Eco Vision 2025, we are promoting environmental conservation activities, centered on the global Environment Day, at each Group company under the theme “Green & Clean.”

DENSO Eco Ranger 21 (Japan)

Using biotopes such as local forests, rivers, and semi-natural areas that have been restored near Company plants as a place of study, DENSO Eco Ranger 21 is an initiative to have employees enhance their understanding regarding the importance of environmental conservation activities while interacting with the nature surrounding them.

DENSO Green Project (Japan)

Under the DENSO Green Project, we conduct greening activities in the areas surrounding our offices, as well as near highways. We also promote various other activities aimed at restoring and conserving ecosystems and creating green environments that are loved by local communities.

[Column]DENSO and Honey Bees (Japan)

In 2015, DENSO set up honey bee nests on the roof of its headquarters as part of an experimental activity under DENSO Eco Vision 2025, the Company’s vision for environmental initiatives. Honey bees are said to be an indicator of environmental quality, as they are only able to survive in extremely clean environments. Approximately 40 employee volunteers engage in beekeeping activities to secure nectar sources. These employees also support regional greening by planting flowers and promote external educational activities to improve environmental awareness.

Contest for Designing Small Hydroelectric Power Plants (Japan)

We held a contest for students to think of ideas for designing small hydroelectric power plants using the natural resources found in their local communities. DENSO engineers participated in this contest as instructors. Through the contest, we helped encourage the development of new technologies and the cultivation of human resources in collaboration with local communities, corporations, and technical colleges.

Tree Planting Activities in Local Forests (Thailand)

Over 200 employees at Thai DENSO Group volunteered to plant trees in local forests. They also participated in cleanup activities to protect these forests.

Loggerhead turtle protection activities (DENSO Corporation, Toyohashi Plant, Japan)

Creating sandy areas for the loggerhead sea turtle while observing the beach and the various living organisms on the coast

Efforts to Create a Society Where People Can Live with Peace of Mind Ensuring security and safety in communities

We are engaged in a variety of activities to ensure that people can live with peace of mind, including traffic safety and crime prevention activities as well as activities to provide support to areas affected by disasters. In 2014, we formed the DENSO Group Safety Team, which independently promotes activities to raise awareness of traffic safety.

Visiting classes at elementary schools (DIAT, Thailand)

Conducting a visiting lecture at an elementary school using reenactments of various situations, such as wearing helmets when riding double on motorbikes, to teach traffic rules.

Traffic Safety Activities in Local Communities(Japan)

To reduce the number of traffic accidents involving the elderly, we visit elderly activity centers, local community centers, and other locations to provide lectures on how to avoid traffic accidents. We also distribute reflective stickers that elderly people can put on the heels of their shoes to make them more visible to drivers.

Aiming to Foster Creativity in Children and Realize a Barrier-Free Society human resource development

We are undertaking a broad range of efforts to gain the understanding of local communities, including holding events for children that allow them to experience the excitement and joy of Monozukuri and creating plans that support the self-reliance of differently abled people.

Development of youth

DENSO Science School (Japan)

For the DENSO Science School, current and retired DENSO employees visit elementary schools as lecturers to provide support to science teachers. These employees primarily visit elementary schools in the areas where the Company has offices.

DENSO Cup Soccer(Japan)

We sponsor the DENSO Cup Soccer Tournament, a one-of-a-kind tournament that brings together the best college soccer players from all over Japan. This tournament helps cultivate human resources that can be active on a global level and also contributes to enhancing the level of play for collegiate soccer.

Lectures for High School Students (Europe)

We hold the “DENSO Challenge” class for high school students in Germany and the Netherlands. This class provides students with lectures on technology for automobile safety and encourages students to imagine the future of automobiles in general.

Activities to Raise Environmental Awareness (Thailand)

At the DENSO Eco Park in Thailand, we promote activities to raise the environmental awareness of children.

Welfare for persons with disabilities

Support for Adaptive Sports (Japan)

To realize a society in which people with disabilities can live active lifestyles, we provide support for adaptive sports and promote activities to make these sports better known.

Support for Oita International Wheelchair Marathon (Japan)

The Oita International Wheelchair Marathon was started as the world’s first wheelchair-only marathon. DENSO has been providing support for the marathon for over 25 years.

[Column]Establishment of an NPO (Japan)

In 1999, we established the NPO Wheelchairs and Friendship Center of Asia (WAFCA) to commemorate our 50th anniversary. WAFCA provides support for children in wheelchairs in Thailand, Indonesia, and China, working to improve the living environment for such children and assist them with entering school. In doing so, the organization aims to contribute to the realization of a barrier-free society. Since WAFCA was established, we have continued to provide support to the organization in such ways as donating funds and dispatching employees to serve as members of its secretariat