Corporate Citizenship Activities

We aim to harmoniously coexist with society by striving to engage in corporate citizenship activities in all areas where we conduct business.

Activities That Cater to Each Country and Region Connections with Local Communities

We promote corporate citizenship activities that cater to the conditions of each country and region while pursuing collaboration with local communities.

DENSO Group HEARTFUL Festival(Japan)

The DENSO Group HEARTFUL Festival is an event that helps bring people together to discover simple ways to contribute to society and provide an impetus to become involved in corporate citizenship activities. The event also helps to share a spirit of giving with all those who attend.

DENSO Group Community Service Day

The DENSO Group Community Service Day is held annually to encourage DENSO Group employees from around the world to get involved in activities that contribute to society together with members of their local communities.

Collaboration with Local Communities

As part of our efforts to invigorate local communities, we participate in festivals and other events held in areas near our offices.

Learn About Volunteering! Program

To foster connections between our employees and local communities, we created the Learn About Volunteering! Program. This program targets DENSO Group employees and their families and offers them opportunities to observe the activities of NPOs and other organizations. The program is offered in a number of cities, primarily ones where DENSO offices are located.