Corporate Citizenship Activities

We aim to harmoniously coexist with society by striving to engage in corporate citizenship activities in all areas where we conduct business.

Basic Stance

To continue to earn the trust and understanding of local communities and contribute to the sustainable development of society, DENSO is promoting a variety of corporate citizenship activities in all areas where its Group companies operate. In addition, we are preparing systems to heighten the awareness of our employees toward local social issues and encourage them to take action. We also actively support employee participation in volunteer activities.

Priority Areas of the DENSO Group’s Corporate Citizenship Activities

The DENSO Group aims to become an admired company in each community where it operates by undertaking corporate citizenship activities in the following key areas that help resolve local issues.

1. Harmony with the environment

We facilitate the creation of environment-friendly products and, at the same time, promote environmental conservation activities as a corporate citizen in local communities.

2. Security and safety in communities

We engage in activities that bring a sense of security to local residents, including traffic-safety initiatives and support for disaster-affected areas.

3. Hitozukuri (human resource development)

We offer programs that show the joy of Monozukuri (manufacturing) to local children and that assist persons with disabilities in becoming self-reliant.

Notional Diagram of Corporate Citizenship Activities