Communication Based on Mutual Trust and Responsibility

Basic Stance

DENSO believes that worksite where associates continue to work lively with a sense of pride and a high level of motivation will lead to sustainable growth of the DENSO Group. Guided by this belief, we encourage communication with our employees and are making efforts to deepen the bonds of mutual trust and responsibility by creating a sense of organizational unity, enhancing each associate’s morale, and improving the workplace environment to make it better to work. In these ways, we strive to ensure long-term stable employment.

Furthermore, we engage in these kinds of initiatives for long-term stable employment in accordance with the laws and regulations of each country and region with sharing information on these initiatives between our headquarters and each Group company.

Number of Associates by Region (DENSO Group)

Average Service Years, Retention Rate, and Turnover Rate (DENSO Corporation)


Fiscal 2014

Fiscal 2015

Fiscal 2016

Fiscal 2017

Average service years

21.36 years

male:22.47 years

female:15.00 years

21.29 years

male:22.64 years


21.95 years



22.07 years



Turnover rate*1













Retention rate*2













*1 Turnover rate: Resignation due to personal reasons

*2 Retention rate: Figures taken from turnover rate of associates in their third year since joining company (Average retention rate of listed companies: 82%)

Specific Initiatives

1. Creating channels for communication

DENSO encourages active communication between managers and associates to ensure a mutual understanding of management policies, issues related to management, and issues related to the workplace environment, in addition to solving these issues. To realize this basic policy, we hold regular meetings and round-table conference both Company-wide and at each individual workplace. We also work to promptly share information through the various channels for communication, such as messages from the CEO and in-house bulletin boards.

Employee briefing session on Company business plans (U.S.)
Internal promotional material (India)

2.Initiatives to Improve Associate Satisfaction

In order to raise the overall level of satisfaction of associates, DENSO conducts associate morale surveys and grasp associates’ motivation toward work and their level of satisfaction in terms of supervisors and the workplace. Feedback is provided to managers to encourage improvements in the workplace and is also utilized in considering Human Resources actions.

In addition, we hold regular events to encourage workplace unity, such as a company-wide sports festival and family days, in accordance with the conditions of each region and Group company. In doing so, we are promoting to strengthen the bond between the company and associates.

Company-wide sports festival (DENSO Corporation [Japan]) 
New Year’s party (DIAT [Thailand])

3. Welfare Programs

Based on associates’ needs and the laws and customary practices of each country, DENSO is working to expand welfare programs that foster a comfortable workplace as well as improve the motivation of associates and support their lifestyles. For example, since 2007 DENSO CORPORATION has been introducing a selection-based welfare program called the DENSO Cafeteria Plan to meet diverse welfare needs. In addition, the Company has established new recreational facilities, cafeterias, and other facilities, as well as an asset building assistance program and a Group insurance system.

Employee cafeteria (China)
Recreational facility (Japan)

Future Initiatives

Sustainable growth of the DENSO Group is essential in continuing to secure long-term stable employment. By placing even more importance on communication with our associates and further reinforcing the bond of mutual trust and responsibility, both associates and we will make efforts together to realize growth and development of the DENSO Group.