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DENSO Group Community Service Day DENSO Group Community Service Day
The DENSO Group Community Service Day is a campaign designed to contribute to local communities. Each of the DENSO Group companies around the globe will set their own dates as their “Community Service Day” to focus on community service activities initiated by DENSO associates.

The DENSO Group companies run their businesses globally in more than 200 locations around the world, with around 170,000 group associates. Corporate activities are not just business-related; as members of the local and international communities, we are also expected to actively partake in activities emphasizing environmental and social aspects, in order to contribute to the enrichment of society. The "DENSO Group Community Service Day" was started in December 2004 to mark the 55th anniversary of the foundation of the company. It was born through the idea to express DENSO Group companies’ gratitude to local society by their associates around the world participating in social contribution activities in the society, it could lead to raise the trust and understanding of the Group companies.

(1) To contribute to local communities as a good corporate citizen

(2) To build a better relationship through exchange with the regional community by Group associates of each company

(3) To show commitment to community service activities around the world, and improve trust and public understanding of the DENSO Group

(4) To boost coordinated Group activities, and foster a sense of unity throughout the Group
Basic Concept

(1) Promotional staff (Community Service Day Promotion Coordinators) around the globe will set their own dates for Community Service Day each year, then plan and organize community service activities that meet the needs of local communities. The DNJP General Admin. Dept. will act as the overall Secretariat integrating activities.

(2) During the period for promoting activities (November – January), the Group will carry out integrated activities under the name Community Service Day.

(3) At the end of the fiscal year, the outcome of activities initiated by Group Companies will be compiled by the DNJP General Admin. Dept., and will be publicized both within and outside the company as PR for overall Group action.

(4) The circle of activities will be widened by associates planning and organizing community service activities that can be enjoyed by friends and family. (No one will be forced into voluntary activities.)

(5) The circle of activities will gradually be widened, through activities that can be achieved by each company.
Snapshots of DENSO Group Community Service Day 2004-2017

■Major examples of activities

  • Environmrntal beautification of rivers, beaches and roads
  • Support of developping countries by collecting plastic bottle caps and donation
  • Forest protection: tree planting and tree thinning
  • Flower planting in local parks and schools
  • Donation of foods, alothes and toys during Christmas season
  • Support of developping countries by clothes drive
  • Environmental education at elementary and junior high schools, including tours of DENSO sites and extra classes at schools
  • Visit on an elderly home, a child walfare insitute and an orphanage
  • Support of local children by holding "monozukuri" educational programs
  • Blood donation
Fiscal Year
Number of
Number of
Number of
Major activity
32 countries
55,859 239 - Traffic safety activity for community

- Clean up activity
32 countries
40,959 266 - Traffic safety activity for community

- Clean up activity
32 countries
31,534 249 - Traffic safety activity for community

- Clean up activity in community
31 countries
35,739 222 - Traffic safety activity for community

- Donation of food and stationery
28 countries
38,471 209 - Nature reserve activities

- Donation of wheelchairs
29 countries
42,445 203 -Support to a charitable run

-Coral planting to restore the marine ecology system
28 countries
65,132 239 -Raise fund for earthquake-stricken areas: Higashi Nihon in Japan

-Voluntary labors to communities where our associates live
25 countries
67,213 232 - Raise fund for earthquake-stricken areas: Higashi Nihon in Japan .
20 countries
37,000 219 - Donations for calamity-stricken areas: Java Earth quake etc.
26 countries
40,000 205 - Raise fund for earthquake-stricken areas: Sichuan Province in China, Iwate-Miyagi in Japan etc.
91 companies/
21 countries
32,000 153 - Support WAFCA: Wheelchair basketball tournament

- Science experience for youth
67 companies/
16 countries
17,000 121 - Collection and donation to support developing countries

- Science experience for youth
74 companies/
20 countries
16,000 112 - Charity walk and fund-raise for victims of natural disasters
45 companies/
15 countries
9,000 48 - Cleaning nearby company site

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