ROBOT meets KENDAMA Project


What’s	the “ROBOT meets KENDAMA Project”?

The project is a collaboration among three technical high schools in Japan and DENSO to challenge to develop a kendama robot. “High schoolers, generations to come, to have an enthusiasm for monozukuri or making things through the project”—this motivated us to start the activity.Students taught sequences of moves to a DENSO robot to perform various kendama tricks. The robot and its skills were revealed at the CEATEC Japan 2015.Watch the memory of our challenge.



Check unreleased tricks here!

Principal of Yamagata Prefectural Nagai Technical High School

Aichi Prefectural Kariya Technical Senior High School

DENSO Technical Skills Academy


What kind of robot is used in the project?

The robotic arm used is an industrial multi-joint type that is commonly used in production lines. Having a joint structure akin to that of the human arm, this type of robotic arm can perform three-dimensional and flexible moves and is versatile in industrial applications including part assembly of all kinds from high-mix-low-volume to mass production of high quality products.The high school students step up to the plate to achieve various tricks with the robot's flexible, high speed and accurate motion.