Drive safer, with fewer distractions.

Have you ever removed your eyes from the road to adjust the audio or navigation system and nearly caused an accident? DENSO is developing new technology that will help you control equipment without compromising safety.

Today's drivers have their hands full

Automobiles are providing more and more features for drivers. These include audio, air-conditioning and navigation features, as well as features for emerging systems that deliver information from other vehicles and services. Such increasing functionality is making operation more complex.

Technology for safety and convenience

According to various statistics, about 10% of traffic accidents are caused by inattentive driving. DENSO is developing technology that will help reduce this figure by keeping drivers' eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel. We call it the Touchless Input System, and it will bring greater safety to drivers of all ages and skill levels.

Accurate detection of face and eye movement

With this system, a driver can operate equipment by simply looking at a HUD (head-up display) and moving his or her head. There is no need for buttons or touch-panel screens. Accurate detection of face and eye movement is made possible by an algorithm* that DENSO developed using a huge database of photos depicting face and eye orientations.

* A mathematical procedure for solving a problem

Another advance


This system automatically recalibrates every time someone enters the driver's seat to take individual differences such as eye size into account and ensure detection accuracy for every driver. The process only takes a few seconds. This unique calibration system was made possible by advanced DENSO technology.

Toshiyuki Konishi
Human Machine Interface Development Engineering

"Depend on DENSO for touchless control"

Connecting cars and people for safety

We are developing touchless input technology to reduce accidents caused by inattentive driving - as well as enhance traveling pleasure after automated driving becomes commonplace. Driving will become safer as people and cars connect, and we will be contributing through the development of advanced technology.