DENSO ADAS / AD Automated driving with reliability

Five Key Functions


Perception beyond human visibility

DENSO provides perception beyond human visibility.

Systems (Various sensors)

Various sensors provide 360°sensing ability and recognize surroundings even under adverse circumstances.

By combining various sensors such as millimeter-wave radar and vision sensor, DENSO provides perception beyond human visibility. Our sensors not only recognize safe driving area under adverse environment, but also reduce blind spots and detection errors as well as unnecessary operation due to recognition failure.


Vision Sensor test

Vision Sensor test Recognize vehicles and lane markings.

Recognizing preceding vehicles and lane markings from the vision sensor image.

LIDAR test

LIDAR test *LIDAR:Light Detection and Ranging Detect free space.

It provides free space detection in the vehicle front area with ability to detect small objects. The image in the right-hand side shows the recognition result, and the image in the left-hand side shows a free space based on the recognition result.


Millimeter-Wave Radar Sensor

Millimeter-Wave Radar Sensor

Vision Sensor

Vision Sensor