DENSO ADAS / AD Automated driving with reliability

Five Key Functions


Predict information as early and correctly as possible

DENSO provides the driver with information of the road ahead earlier and more accurately than before.


ADAS Locator detects the position and traveling lane. Grasp the road situation ahead by combining information from V2X and DCM.

Drivers can't see traffic conditions beyond his visibility. By combining DENSO's ADAS locator that can recognize the present location accurately and V2X/DCM which is a communication measure, the condition of the road ahead beyond visibility can be provided correctly.


ADAS Locator test

ADAS Locator test Locate the position of the subject vehicle and the traveling lane.

It can also detect the position and traveling lane even in the tunnel. Highly accurate gyro and an algorithm enable the detection.



DCM (TCU) *DCM:Data Communication Module *TCU:Telematics Control Unit

V2X 車載器

On-board Equipment for V2X Communication *V2X(Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure)