DENSO ELECTRIFICATION Bringing Harmony between People and the Planet DENSO Electrification / Bringing Harmony between People and the Planet

The DENSO Challenge

  • MG
  • Inverter
  • IPSU
    ※Integrated Power Supply Unit
  • BMU

DENSO’s Electric Production Brand

ELEXCORE is umbrella brand of all DENSO electric production.
The sign of high quality and confidence ,that is, ELEXCORE has named for Electrification×Core and symbolized the will that continues to supply the best solution for supporting comfortable traveling.
DENSO provide high efficiency and quality production by original core-technology. For example, double –side cooling technology, MG press, stator winding technology and high accuracy cell monitoring technology of BMU.

DESIGN CONCEPT The passion of electrification creates a moment of emotion

Responding to the driver’s intentions and changes in the surrounding environment by precisely controlling electricity and maximizing both the fun of driving and environmental friendliness to make a mobility experience more exhilarating.
ELEXCORE is reflected the single-minded commitment od our passionate engineers and the determination of DENSO to offer unparalleled electrification solutions for everyone from now on.

iF design

ELEXCORE achieved an award “iF design” that is one of respected design prizes of industrial goods in the world in 2019.
※Production makeup is Inverter, MG, Battery ECU, DC/DC converter and onboard charger at that time.

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DENSO Energy Management

DENSO Energy Management

DENSO's Energy Management algorithms are designed to achieve the maximum efficiency of fuel economy and the use of electricity in the vehicle.

DENSO’s Energy Management connects all of the systems and components inside the vehicle to efficiently recover and utilize kinetic, thermal and electrical energy, realizing ultimate fuel economy and power saving.
Additionally, it utilizes a unique algorithm to process information from outside of the car to anticipate driving conditions and maximize component performance.
Using information from inside and outside the vehicle allows DENSO’s Energy Management to achieve the highest levels of efficiency.

Key Technology for Electrification

Stator Winding Technology

Stator Winding Technology

DENSO has developed winding technology using rectangular-shaped wire.
The recutangular-shaped wire reduces the required space in the core slot. This contributes to providing smaller and more efficient motor generator.

Power Chip : Double-Side Cooling Technology

Power Chip : Double-Side Cooling Technology

DENSO’s unique double-sided cooling structure dramatically increases cooling performance for semi-conductor power chips, contributing to the use of smaller and higher output performance inverters to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

Accurate High Speed Battery Voltage Detection Technology

Accurate High Speed Battery Voltage Detection Technology

DENSO’s circuit and control system can quickly and accurately detect battery state condition, which enables customers to use smaller and safer battery units

Predictive and Platoon Driving
Use information from outside the vehicle to maximize the efficiency of the electrical system.

Reduce Society’s Energy Consumption

DENSO's Energy Management organizes ‘platooning,’ which can connect vehicles with the same destination and desired speed to share driving information for purpose of traveling in convoy. Vehicle platooning has the potential to reduce air resistance and to minimize the average energy consumption among platooning vehicles. This can maximize the efficiency of battery energy usage and extend the vehicles’ driving range.

Effective Waste Heat Utilization (Connecting Electricity and Thermal Energy)

Combining the power and comfort needs of the driver.

DENSO's Energy Management recovers even small amounts of thermal energy generated by the motor generator, inverter and battery, and use this energy to heat the cabin.
This system can contribute to a reduction in the electrical load for climate control, reducing the demand on the battery. In addition, our Energy Management smartly stores energy by predicting how much energy is needed and when it is required, based on traffic conditions and driving style. Smooth acceleration at the driver’s request is achieved using stored energy, while maintaining a comfortable cabin environment.

DENSO’s Energy Management contributes to an enjoyable driving experience while also being environmentally friendly.