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Review of Operations by Segment
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Industrial Systems and Consumer Products



G Series of Mini-sized Industrial Articulated Robots

Bar Code Handy TerminalBHT-500

Bar Code Handy TerminalBHT-400

Main Products

[Automatic ID Data Capture Devices]
Bar code handy scanners and handy terminals, QR code scanners and handy terminals, Smart cards and reader/writers, Radio Frequency-Identification (RF-ID) systems, Security systems

[Factory Automation (FA) Products]
Industrial robots, Programmable controllers

[Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Systems]
Cooling units for electronic devices (Mobile phone base stations, Computers, and others), Kerosene heat pumps, Spot coolers and heaters

CO² refrigerant heat-pump water heaters, Automatic faucets, Electrically powered kitchen systems


One new product developed by DENSO during the year was a high-output CO² refrigerant heatpump unit that can be used in colder climates. The Company also launched several other products. One was the G Series of mini-sized industrial articulated robots. Thanks to a complete redesign of its controllers, this series can process programming roughly five times faster than earlier DENSO models. This innovation has made it possible to achieve high-speed integrated control of facilities and equipment where these robots are in operation. Another product launched during the year was the bar code handy terminal BHT-500, featuring a compact, easy-to-hold and stylish body, a QVGA color LCD screen, as well as improved bar code reading performance and network functions. The bar code handy terminal BHT-400, equipped with Windows CE 5.0, a large QVGA color LCD screen, and offering superior operability and stability, was also launched.

These moves resulted in an increase in sales of 19.2% to 70.3 billion. This growth was the result of healthy sales of CO² refrigerant heat-pump water heaters, reflecting market expansion due to environmental subsidies offered by the Japanese government and the growing popularity of all-electric homes, and strong sales in the industrial systems business.


Refrigeration and air-conditioning systems
Amid requirements in every sector of society for greater energy efficiency, convenience and comfort, DENSO is applying thermal systems technology acquired as one of the industry's top car airconditioner manufacturers to the development of revolutionary new non-automotive products. Development will continue to focus on CO² refrigerant heat-pump water heaters, ejector cycle refrigeration and other new products and technologies that help save energy. DENSO is also expanding its activities to include areas such as cooling systems for electronic devices based on heat-exchanger technology.

Automatic ID data capture devices
Needs for automatic identification are steadily rising in retail, logistics, factory automation and a wide range of other areas. Through its involvement in automotive electronics, DENSO has global classleading technology resources and quality control systems. Backed by this expertise, the Company, as a pioneer in bar code and 2D code readers, reliably serves this field at all phases from product development, sales and service support through to systems integration.

Factory automation
At the manufacturing frontline, the overarching demand is for flexible production frameworks that can respond to diversifying market needs. After intensive development within the Group, DENSO now sells factory automation (FA) system products to external customers. DENSO also offers FA solutions for a variety of manufacturing plants the world over. These solutions are centered on industrial robots, born out of the Group's production technology capabilities cultivated over the years, and programmable controllers that provide sequence control for production lines, machine tools and logistics transport equipment at factories.

  1. DENSO reorganized its business groups on January 1, 2006. Net sales by product in the above table reflect segment classifications used in the previous fiscal year, while main products are shown in accordance with new segment classifications.
  2. In addition to the above, the Other business segment recorded net sales of ¥115,832 million, ¥87,433 million, ¥87,989 million, ¥92,908 million, and ¥91,986 million in the years ended March 31, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006, respectively.
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