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Global Management

Management Strategies Around the World

North America Europe Asia & Oceania Japan Others

DENSO's global network encompasses 188 subsidiaries and 31 affiliates, in 35 countries. These companies are organized into four segments: North America, Europe, Asia & Oceania, and Other. Each region has its own independent business structure centered on a regional headquarters. Autonomous development, procurement, and production activities by each regional organization provide a framework that enables faster local decision-making in line with customer needs.

In particular, in China, India and South America, where production expansion is projected, we are reinforcing complementary systems within the regions to accommodate customer needs and market changes. Medium-term plans for each region will be formulated based on the DENSO Group's Global Mid-term Policy and we will work toward growth in each region on this basis.

Fiscal 2012 Sales by Geographical Segment

North America Europe Asia & Oceania Japan Others

Number of bases
Number of consolidated subsidiaries:
188 (Japan 68, North America 28, Europe 35, Asia & Oceania 51, Other 6)
Number of affiliates under the equity method:
31 (Japan 13, North America 4, Europe 2, Asia & Oceania 10, Other 2)