Bases in Brazil, Argentina and some other South American countries were included the "Others" region.

Bolstering Production and Technology Development Systems in Brazil

In order to promote sales of existing products and augment production capacity to accommodate orders for new products in anticipation of auto market growth in South America going forward, DENSO launched partial operations in January 2011 at a second plant, joining the head plant in Curitiba, and started production of car air conditioners and cleaning modules. DENSO will begin producing starters and windshield wipers in September 2012.

On the sales side, we will focus on increasing sales to Volkswagen, Fiat, General Motors and Ford, which have a large share of the market in Brazil, in addition to Japanese carmakers. Moreover, we are also steadily consolidating sales, procurement and other functions of South American production affiliates (five companies in Brazil, one in Argentina) to increase the efficiency of business operations.

In addition, our technical center in Brazil, which was opened in June 2012, will develop air conditioners, starters, alternators, powertrain control system-related products, and other products for the South American market to provide optimal products aligned with local needs.

DENSO Brazil Santa Barbara Plant

Brazil Technical Center