Industrial Systems

Fiscal 2012 Topics

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  • Launched sales of new handheld barcode scanner that features a cutting-edge scan engine in a compact body.
  • Announced new QR code technology that adds copy protection functionality to conventional technology for preventing QR code forgery and alteration.
  • Developed the RC8 industrial robot controller conforming to global standards. It is the smallest in its class* in the world.

*3 kW output class

Net Sales

Main Products

Automatic ID Data Capture Devices

Bar code handy scanners and handy terminals, QR code scanners and handy terminals, IC card readers/writers, Radio Frequency-Identification (RF-ID) systems

Factory Automation (FA) Products

Industrial robots, Programmable controllers

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning systems

Cooling units for electronic devices (Mobile phone base stations, and others), Spot coolers and heaters

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