Information and Safety Systems

Fiscal 2012 Topics

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  • Developed "Entune", which enables smartphone applications to be used on car navigation screens.
  • Signed a memorandum of understanding with Intel Corporation on joint development of technologies for next-generation vehicle-mounted information and communication systems.
  • Initiated demonstration testing on inter-vehicle and road-to-vehicle communication systems in China.

Net Sales

Main Products

Information and Communications

Instrument clusters, Integrated climate control panels, Smart keys, Remote keyless entry controllers, Rear and corner sonars, Car security systems, Body ECUs, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Remote Touch Controller, Car navigation systems, Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) on-board equipment, Data communication modules, Advanced vehicle operation system

Driving Assist and Safety Products

Airbag sensors and ECUs, ABS/ESC actuators and ECUs, Millimeter-wave radars and ECUs for pre-crash safety systems and adaptive cruise control systems, Laser radars and ECUs for adaptive cruise control systems, Cameras and ECUs for Lane Keeping Assist, ECUs for adaptive front lighting systems

Electric Control Components

Sensors and ECUs for Electric Power Steering systems (EPS), Electric Drive Unit (EDU) for electric Variable Cam Timing system (e-VCT)

Car navigation system

Millimeter-wave radar

*In order to strengthen our system proposal capabilities, in January 2012 the former Electric Systems Business Group's Engine Electrical Systems Business Unit and EHV Components Business Unit were incorporated into the Powertrain Control Systems Business Group, and its Electric Control Components Division was transferred to the Information & Safety System Business Group. The reorganization has reduced DENSO’s business groups from five to four. Product sales for the fiscal year under review are listed based on the prior scheme.