Thermal Systems

Fiscal 2012 Topics

< New Products and Technological Development >

  • Completely redesigned our conventional radiator and developed a new model that provides high performance while being 40% smaller and lighter than previous models.
  • Developed a compact, high-performance EGR cooler for gasoline engines and 30% smaller than other in the market.
  • Developed the world's first air conditioning system for cars that is capable of air conditioning the driver's seat exclusively.

< Production Capacity Augmentation >

  • Car air conditioning production site in Guangzhou, China will be transferred from March 2013 to augment production capacity.
  • New plant constructed at Mexican production site and plans to start production in October 2013.

Net Sales

Main Products

Thermal Systems Products

Air conditioning systems for cars, Radiators, Cooling fans, Inter coolers, Oil coolers, Engine cooling modules, Reserve tanks

Climate, Cooling and Heating Products

Air conditioning systems for buses and construction equipment, Truck refrigeration units, Air purifiers

Air conditioning unit

Engine cooling module