Research and Development

DENSO is moving ahead with technological development in order to help create an environmentally friendly, accident-free automotive society where people can enjoy using vehicles with peace of mind. Within this framework, we will strengthen our development activities particularly in the fields of fuel economy, safety and information and telecommunications.

Development Policy

DENSO works to improve the attractiveness of automobiles in each regions throughout the world with the aim of contributing to the future automotive society. We will raise the customer responsiveness not only of individual products but also of our systems from the automotive viewpoint, we will actively develop technical centers globally to gather together DENSO's wisdom and expertise, and we will flexibly respond to possible business collaborations outside DENSO.

Fiscal 2012 Results

Fuel Economy Field

In the field of fuel economy, we developed products for next-generation gasoline direct-injection systems, such as fuel injectors and high pressure pumps, which will help to improve the efficiency of the conventional internal combustion engine. These products have been adopted for use by automakers in Japan, the U.S. and Europe.

In idle-stop systems (ISS), which stop the engine when vehicles are at rest, DENSO has developed a tandem solenoid starter and has commenced delivery of this product to automakers worldwide. By using this new starter to stop and restart the engine at deceleration, as well as at rest, DENSO is helping to improve the fuel consumption of vehicles. For hybrid and electric vehicles, DENSO has developed a motor generator that simultaneously achieves efficiency improvements and miniaturization, using coil technology developed in the alternator field. This motor generator, which conducts drive motor control and regenerative energy control using the motor as a generator, has been adopted for use in the Toyota Motor Corporation's Aqua, a compact hybrid vehicle.

Tandem solenoid starter

Information and Telecommunications Field

In the information and telecommunications field, a variety of information services are now accessible from automobiles as a result of faster communications infrastructure, sophisticated mobile phone functionality, and advances in information services. Based on these kind of market needs, we developed the ARPEGGiO smartphone-connected information services. These services enable users to safely operate smartphone applications, including facility searches and music playback, on their car navigation system displays inside vehicles. Going forward, DENSO aims to enhance the range of car navigation system models compatible with ARPEGGiO. At the same time, DENSO will work to improve convenience for users while ensuring safety through services linking car navigation systems and smartphones.

Artist's impression of ARPEGGiO in use.

*In actual use, the screen on the smartphone is locked.

Global development structure

DENSO has put in place a development framework in six overseas regions around the world, in order to promptly identify needs in each region and reflect them in product development. This was achieved by enhancing technical centers in China, India and Brazil, in addition to those in the U.S., Europe, and Asia & Oceania. Collaboration among these technical centers on cutting-edge technologies has also been strengthened. In product development targeting China, India and the ASEAN region, we have promoted the development of products with reduced production costs by focusing on essential functions based on regional needs. These measures have helped our products to be newly adopted by local overseas automakers primarily in China.

Region Core technical center Satellite locations
Location Established
Japan Kariya 1949 Domestic Group companies, South Korea
North America Michigan 1986 Tennessee, California
Europe Germany 1990 United Kingdom, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden
Asia & Oceania Thailand 2007 Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, etc.
China Shanghai 2006 North China (Beijing), Xian
India Delhi suburbs 2012 (Mid-west, South)
South America Brazil (Santa Bárbara) 2012 (Argentina)