Special Feature Targeting New Value Creation Supporting Value Creation: Monozukuri and Hitozukuri

Through the DENSO style of monozukuri (the art of making things), cutting-edge product development and innovative self-development and self-production of essential technologies, DENSO has generated a range of “world-first” products. This uncompromising stance on monozukuri has laid the foundations for DENSO’s increased competitiveness and enhanced corporate value. Supporting this creation of new value are a large number of engineers and technical personnel. DENSO believes that monozukuri is hitozukuri, which is to say, the art of making good things is the same thing as the art of making good people, and this is the source and driving force behind value creation for DENSO.


Dantotsu” (outstanding) plants

DENSO is working on a transition to superior “Dantotsu” plants to make its domestic production more competitive. We are targeting increased production efficiency through such measures as cutting processing costs through faster and more continually operating production lines, applying initiatives including the use of 1/N production equipment*. Reduced administrative costs and overheads from rationalization of logistics and inspections and reduced material costs from reform of procurement and lower purchased parts costs will also contribute to increased efficiency. Initiatives associated with creating more-compact, low-cost facilities will also be extended to overseas plants.

*. 1/N production equipment
Equipment that significantry reduces floor area, investment costs, by processing costs by aligning production volume (economic units) with assembly, through more-compact production facilities and upgrading the production line.

Ideal situation A plant in Japan that can be internationally competitive in the production field even if the yen appreciates to ¥70 to the dollar.

Activities Development of production technology speedily against overseas competition

“Dantotsu” Plant

Initiatives Directed at Emerging Markets

We are pursuing “cost-half” activities for 23 major products aimed at emerging markets where further market growth is expected, targeting the establishment of low-cost technologies. Providing a level of functionality and quality to meet the demands of the market, systems are in place locally for every stage from development to production and sales. At present, we have reached our goal for 17 products, achieving a 40% cut in price. We also opened technical centers for supporting these activities in Delhi, India, in March 2012, and Santa Barbara, Brazil, in July of the same year, expanding our development network to seven locations around the world. We are continuing to increase our global market presence through expansion of our activities Groupwide.

Elements of the Activity

  • 1. Optimize Function & Performance
  • 2. Optimize Product Structure
  • 3. Set-up the Specific Quality Standard
  • 4. Strengthen Localization Monozukuri
  • 5. Enlarge Global Development


Hitozukuri (making good people)

There are a total of more than 130,000 people working in the DENSO Group. The Group’s varied and individual associates around the world have integral parts of the corporate DNA passed down to them, such as DENSO’s attitude toward monozukuri, and share values to grow and develop further.

The DENSO Spirit

  • Foresight Providing surprises and
impressions in a way that only DENSO can
  • Credibility Providing quality and
reliability beyond customer expectations
  • Collaboration Achieving the highest results by working as a team

The DENSO Spirit clearly expresses our stance regarding the values of “Foresight, Credibility and Collaboration,” which have been implicit values continuously since the foundation of DENSO Corporation and a driving force behind our activities. The DENSO Spirit has been translated into 17 languages to share among associates.

In the DENSO Group, we are working to enhance training policies to develop staff who can study on their own and think for themselves, and who continually seek new challenges. We have prepared high-level programs for engineering and technical staff through the DENSO E&TS Training Center Corporation. Around half of the staff taking part in the programs are the DENSO Group’s overseas associates. As a genuinely global corporation, we have put in place management systems tied closely to different countries and regions, pursuing activities under the slogan, “One DENSO, One HR.”



Creating a Sustainable Automotive Society

Special Feature: Targeting New Value Creation
Creating a Sustainable Automotive Society
Supporting Value Creation: Monozukuri and Hitozukuri

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