Special Feature Targeting New Value Creation Creating a Sustainable Automotive Society

At DENSO, we are focusing our attention on technological development targeting the following areas within the fields of the environment and security and safety, considering these as issues that need to be tackled to build a sustainable automotive society. By doing so, we plan to further increase the enjoyment and happiness that automobiles bring.

  • The environment Reduce emissions of CO2 and harmful gases, reduce use and increase recycling of limited resources, develop alternative technologies
  • Security & Safety Reduce damage from collisions, avoid collisions, develop information and communication technologies, develop future autonomous driving technologies

Main Areas of Focus

The Environment

The Environment

In order to reduce our environmental footprint and achieve growth while preserving the natural environment, we are working to develop more-fuel-efficient products. By not only making parts smaller but also making them compatible with hybrid and electric vehicles and building systems to support the shift to electric vehicles, we are boosting the efficiency of energy management in the whole vehicle.

Security & Safety

Safety and Security

So people can feel safe and secure around cars, we are developing driving support systems to reduce the danger in an emergency (safety when needed) and to take away drivers’ worries (peace of mind always). We are striving to further develop our core cutting-edge safety technologies, including sensors, radar, and other sensing technologies, and engine control unit (ECU) and human-machine interface (HMI) products.

Supporting Value Creation: Monozukuri and Hitozukuri

Special Feature: Targeting New Value Creation
Creating a Sustainable Automotive Society
Supporting Value Creation : Monozukuri and Hitozukuri

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