Electronic Systems

Fiscal 2013 Topics

New Products and Technologies

Signed a licensing agreement with the semiconductor and electronic component manufacturer New Japan Radio Co., Ltd., for DENSO’s world-class*1 low on-resistance*2 power semiconductor, the Super Junction Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (SJ MOS) transistor.*1 As of February 2013, based on SJ MOS transistor research by DENSO.
*2 The resistance value of a power semiconductor when activated (energized). A lower value of resistance means less power loss and higher energy efficiency.

Business Expansion and New Companies

Signed an agreement stating Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd. will transfer ownership of its plant in Iwate to DENSO.

Results for Fiscal 2013 and Growth Strategies

  FY 2013 FY 2012 Change YoY
Sales (Billions of yen) 342.1 285.4 +19.8%

In fiscal 2013, sales rose 19.8% year on year. This was mainly due to an increase in sales of semiconductor products as a result of greater production by Japanese manufacturers, particularly of eco-friendly models using EHV (electric hybrid vehicles) and SkyActiv technologies.

In fiscal 2014, we will work on development of core products integrating mechanical and electronic components for use in environmental, communication, and safety products. We will continue to strengthen our global expansion, focusing on important customers and emerging markets.

Main Products

Engine ECU
Engine ECU

Electronics Products

Engine ECUs
Transmission ECUs
Power management ECUs

Semiconductor sensor (Inertia sensor)
Semiconductor sensor
(Inertia sensor)

Electronics Devices

Semiconductor sensors
Power modules


Business Group Overview
Powertrain Control Systems
Thermal Systems
Information and Safety Systems
Electronic Systems
Small Motors
Industrial Systems
Consumer Products

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