Industrial Systems

Fiscal 2013 Topics

New Products and Technologies

Began sales of compact fixed UHF radio frequency (RF) tag readers/writers for use at the point of sale (RFID Table Scanner™), the first such product in Japan.
Began sales of the RC8 industrial robot controller, the smallest in its class, which was built to match world standards.

Results for Fiscal 2013 and Growth Strategies

  FY 2013 FY 2012 Change YoY
Sales (Billions of yen) 33.5 31.9 +5.0%

In fiscal 2013, sales rose 5.0% year on year. This was mainly due to increased domestic sales of automatic ID product, and increased sales to China of industrial robots.

In fiscal 2014, we are targeting significant growth through the expansion of business and business areas, the creation of new businesses, and global expansion.

Affiliated Company: DENSO WAVE INC.

Main Products

Industrial robot
Industrial robot

Automatic ID Data Capture Devices

Bar code handy scanners and handy terminals
QR code scanners and handy terminals
IC card readers/writers
Radio Frequency-Identification (RF-ID) systems

Factory Automation (FA) Products

Industrial robots
Programmable controllers

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Systems

Cooling units for electronic devices (mobile phone base stations and other devices)
Spot coolers and heaters

Business Group Overview
Powertrain Control Systems
Thermal Systems
Information and Safety Systems
Electronic Systems
Small Motors
Industrial Systems
Consumer Products

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