Small Motors

Fiscal 2013 Topics

New Products and Technologies

Adopted highly-efficient reduced-speed front wiper motor that is smaller due to being multipolar and achieved further miniaturization and power efficiency.
Localized component and material procurement in China and agreed on local production of in-car electric fan motor.
Launched new washer system with customizable colored rear wiper to suit personal tastes that also washes the rear-view camera used for clearer vision when reversing.

Business Expansion and New Companies

Established a production site in Hangzhou, China, which will start production from August 2013.

Results for Fiscal 2013

  FY 2013 FY 2012 Change YoY
Sales (Billions of yen) 256.0 2,309 +10.9%

Affiliated Company: ASMO Co., Ltd.

Main Products

Windshield wiper system
Windshield wiper system

Windshield wiper systems
Windshield washer systems
Power window motors, seat motors
Power sliding door motors
Power steering motors
Motors for engine control systems
Other automotive motors

Power window motor
Power window motor
Business Group Overview
Powertrain Control Systems
Thermal Systems
Information and Safety Systems
Electronic Systems
Small Motors
Industrial Systems
Consumer Products

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