Powertrain Control Systems

Fiscal 2013 Topics

New Products and Technologies

Developed an injector for direct-injection engines and high-pressure pumps that came to the market in 2010 and displays world-class injection, atomization, and spray formation technologies, as well as durability. It is used in Mazda’s SKYACTIV engine, Honda’s new Accord model, and by a number of other car manufacturers in Japan, the United States, and Europe.
Developed the i-ART common rail system, the first in the world to control fuel injection amounts and the timing for each injector using sensors mounted inside each one to measure injection pressure in real time.
Developed a lithium-ion battery pack that improves the fuel efficiency of the idle-stop system. This battery pack is used in Suzuki Motor Corporation’s new Wagon R model.
Mass produced basic parts including inverters for hybrid cars that are used in Toyota Motor Corporation’s Crown Hybrid. The inverter, which is the world’s first with a double-sided semiconductor cooling structure, achieves a power density of roughly twice that of a conventional structure while also reducing costs. It has been adopted by four car models, the Lexus LS and RX, Toyota Camry, and Hino Dutro.

Business Expansion and New Companies

Established the new company DENSO Cambodia Co., Ltd., in Cambodia as part of efforts to enhance the production and supply framework in the ASEAN region and began production of sensor components for magnetos (motorcycle dynamos) in July 2013.
Began construction of an evaluation facility on the site of the Anjo Plant in Anjo, Aichi Prefecture to strengthen the development of power electronics products, such as inverters used in hybrid vehicles, by evaluating these products’ performance and developing new products. The facility will begin operations in April 2014.
Built new plant in the Bekasi District of West Java Province, Indonesia in response to growing vehicle production in the country.

Results for Fiscal 2013 and Growth Strategies

  FY 2013 FY 2012 Change YoY
Sales (Billions of yen) 1,238.2 1,060.2 +16.8%

In fiscal 2013, higher production by Japanese manufacturers and increased sales of hybrid products and gasoline direct-injection products to Toyota Motor Corporation contributed to improved sales.

In fiscal 2014, to meet environmental regulations around the world, we will provide innovative new products that improve internal combustion fuel efficiency. Specifically, as well as expanding sales of essential hybrid components such as motor generators and inverters, we will pursue miniaturization of and cost reduction in these products. We will also leverage our core technologies and experience in the fields of starters, alternators, engine cooling systems, and semiconductors to develop new products including battery packs that make full use of our proprietary technologies.
In aftermarket business for products including iridium plugs, we plan to invest in cost-competitive products suited to market needs and products with our proprietary technology at the core.

Main Products

Common rail systems
Common rail systems

Engine Control Components

Ignition coils, Magnetos,
Spark plugs
Glow plugs
Exhaust gas sensors
Ceramic substrates
Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs)
Engine ECUs for motorcycles
Exhaust gas temperature sensor

System Control Components

Intake and exhaust products: Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves, Throttle bodies, Integrated air fuel modules, and others
Variable valve products: Variable Cam Timing (VCT) components, Oil flow Control Valve (OCV)
Drive control products: Integrated mechatronic modules, AT solenoid valves, Valve bodies, Shift-by-wire actuators
Evaporator products: Purge valves, Evaporative leak check pump module
Sensors: Knock sensors, Air flow meters, Accelerator Pedal Module (APM)
Filters: Oil filters, Air cleaners

Diesel Injection Products

Common rail systems
In-line fuel injection pumps, Rotary fuel injection pumps
Fuel filters

Fuel pump module
Fuel pump module

Gasoline Injection Products

Fuel pumps
Fuel pump modules
Fuel injectors
Direct injection components (Injector, Pump)


Engine Electrical Systems

MG stators
Lithium-ion battery pack


EHV Components

DC-DC converters
Battery monitoring units

Business Group Overview
Powertrain Control Systems
Thermal Systems
Information and Safety Systems
Electronic Systems
Small Motors
Industrial Systems
Consumer Products

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