Thermal Systems

Fiscal 2013 Topics

New Products and Technologies

Developed the Global Inner-Fin Condenser (GIC), a thorough improvement on existing condensers that is 30% smaller than conventional models.
Developed a refrigerator system for hybrid light-duty trucks that uses an electric compressor powered by the battery unit of the vehicle.
Developed a new cold storage evaporator that limits the increase in vehicle cabin temperature during an idle stop.
Developed the Vehicle-to-Home power supply system, which allows power supply from an electrical vehicle to DENSO’s home energy management system (HEMS) and vice versa.
Developed a wireless smartphone charging pad that allows simple charging without the need to connect wires

Business Expansion and New Companies

DENSO Manufacturing Michigan, Inc., which manufactures car air-conditioning systems and other products, opened a new plant in Iowa, the United States.
DENSO Manufacturing UK Ltd., which manufactures car air-conditioning systems and other products, acquired ownership of Shimizu Industry UK Ltd., which manufactures products including plastic components for car air-conditioning systems.

Results for Fiscal 2013 and Growth Strategies

  FY 2013 FY 2012 Change YoY
Sales (Billions of yen) 1057.5 940.4 +12.5%

In fiscal 2013, increased automobile production in Japan, expanded sales in North America, and good performance by Japanese manufacturers in Asia & Oceania, apart from China contributed to performance.

In fiscal 2014, as demand for fuel efficiency rises, we plan to differentiate ourselves from our competitors through technologies that provide genuinely greater efficiency. Also, in emerging markets such as China, where further growth is expected, we plan to review our development and design systems, increase localized procurement, and further expand sales in order to provide low-cost products that meet local needs.

There is a need to expand new businesses outside the automobile field, and also aftermarket businesses. We aim to expand the new business area of microgrids*. In the aftermarket business, we plan to invest in cost-competitive products suited to market needs and products with our proprietary technology at the core.

*Small-scale energy networks linking energy sources with consuming facilities with almost no reliance on power from large-scale power plants

Main Products

Air conditioning system
Air-conditioning system

Thermal Systems Products

Air-conditioning systems for cars
Cooling fans
Inter coolers
Oil coolers
Engine cooling modules
Reserve tanks

Engine cooling module
Engine cooling module

Climate, Cooling, and Heating Products

Air-conditioning systems for buses and
construction equipment
Truck refrigeration units
Air purifiers

Business Group Overview
Powertrain Control Systems
Thermal Systems
Information and Safety Systems
Electronic Systems
Small Motors
Industrial Systems
Consumer Products

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