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Targeting New Value Creation Special Feature 2 Supporting Value Creation:Monozukuri and Hitozukuri

Through the DENSO style of monozukuri (the art of making things), cutting-edge product development and innovative self-development and self-production of essential technologies, DENSO has generated a range of "world-first" products. This uncompromising stance on monozukuri has laid the foundations for DENSO's increased competitiveness and enhanced corporate value. Supporting this creation of new value are a large number of engineers and technical personnel. DENSO believes that monozukuri is hitozukuri, which is to say, the art of making good things is the same thing as the art of making good people, and this is the source and driving force behind value creation for DENSO.
This Special Feature presents efforts in DENSO-style monozukuri, which confronts the challenges of creating new value, and the hitozukuri that brings monozukuri to fruition.