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Industrial Systems

Development and production of bar code, QR code, and IC card scanners, industrial robots, and other factory automation equipment (through DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED)

Fiscal 2014 Topics

New Products and Technologies

Launched the WS1-QB scanner, a 35-gram scanner that the user wears on their head, enabling them to scan bar codes and QR codes without touching the scanner.

First in the world to develop a robot arm that moves pieces in shogi (Japanese chess) based on commands from computer software. The robot arm is based on the VS-060 six-axis articulated robots, which offer the world's highest speed and precision in their class. This robot arm was featured in the Third Computer vs. Player Shogi Competition.

Business Expansion and New Companies

Decided to merge DENSO WAVE Incorporated, which develops and sells automatic data capture devices and industrial robots and other systems and devices, and DENSO ELECS Co., Ltd., which manufactures products developed by DENSO WAVE, in January 2015 in order to further increase our competitiveness in the industrial equipment field.

Results for Fiscal 2014 and Growth Strategies

  FY2014 FY2013 Change YoY
Sales (Billions of yen) 35.6 33.5 +6.3%

In fiscal 2014, sales rose 6.3% compared with the previous fiscal year, thanks to higher sales of AUTO-ID products in Japan and industrial controllers inside and outside Japan.

In fiscal 2015, we will focus on strengthening core businesses, creating new businesses, and expanding business domains in line with the 2015 Mid-term Policy, and translate these efforts into growth.

Affiliated Company: DENSO WAVE INC.

Main Products

Industrial robot
Industrial robot

Automatic ID Data Capture Devices

Bar code handy scanners and handy terminals
QR code scanners and handy terminals
IC card readers/writers
Radio Frequency-Identification (RF-ID) systems

Factory Automation (FA) Products

Industrial robots
Programmable controllers

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Systems

Cooling units for electronic devices (mobile phone base stations and other devices)
Spot coolers and heaters