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Information and Safety Systems

Development and production of car navigation systems, ITS (intelligent transport system) products such as electronic toll collection, telematics, driving safety products including sensor computers for airbags, body ECUs (engine control units), and meters

Fiscal 2014 Topics

New Products and Technologies

Developed a laser radar as a sensor for safety systems that help avoid crashes and lessen the impact of collisions. A first for compact vehicles, the new laser radar is used as a sensor for the Smart Assist System that Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. deploys in its Move, Mira e:S, and Tanto car models.

Developed a new in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system with dual large-size touch-panel displays. The top screen displays maps and other information, and the bottom screen is a touch panel display with smooth controls. The IVI system is used in the Infiniti Q50 made by Nissan Motor Corporation for the U.S. market.

Developed a driver status monitoring system that is able to detect a driver inattentiveness or drowsiness with facial recognition technology. Consisting of a near-infrared camera and an electronic control unit (ECU), the system is installed under the instrument panel visor. The ECU analyzes pictures taken by the camera of the driver's face to determine the angle of the head and openness of the eyelids. If the eyes are closed or the head is at an odd angle for a preset length of time, the system sounds an alarm for the driver, reminding them to drive safely. This driver monitoring system is currently used in the Hino Profia large truck and the Hino Selega tourist bus made by Hino Motors, Ltd.

Business Expansion and New Companies

Acquired shares of Pricol Components Limited, a subsidiary of Pricol Limited, a major automotive parts maker in India, in order to expand the instrument cluster business in India. Pricol Components designs, manufactures, and sells instrument clusters for passenger vehicles. DENSO has a 51% stake and Pricol has a 49% stake in the company.

Decided to expand the two technical centers of DENSO AUTOMOTIVE Deutschland GmbH in Germany (Aachen Engineering Center and Munich Engineering Center). With this expansion, we aim to more rapidly address customer needs and enhance the design of products for local customers. We will also contribute to development in other regions by promoting future developments in advanced technological areas in Europe.

Acquired a stake in ADASENS Automotive GmbH, a developer of image recognition technologies for advanced safety systems, to help accelerate the development of active safety technologies. ADASENS develops advanced driver assistance systems, particularly in the area of image recognition technologies using cameras to detect obstacles ahead, behind, and around vehicles.

Results for Fiscal 2014 and Growth Strategies

  FY2014 FY2013 Change YoY
Sales (Billions of yen) 628.6 576.9 +9.0%

In fiscal 2014, sales increased as a result of higher automobile production, increased adoption of active safety systems, and stronger sales of IVI and instrument clusters.

In fiscal 2015, we will leverage our strengths in millimeter-wave radar, laser radar, cameras, and sonar to coordinate core sensing, control, and human-machine interface (HMI) technologies as a system supplier and develop cutting-edge safety technology.
Also, as we gather increased data about not only safety but also convenience and comfort, improving HMI technologies in cars has become a more important problem to tackle. For this reason, we continue to work on development of communication between cars and between cars and infrastructure.

Main Products

Instrument cluster
Instrument cluster
Car navigation system
Car navigation system

Information and Communications

Instrument clusters
Head-up displays
Integrated climate control panels
Smart keys
Remote keyless entry controllers
Rear and corner sonars
Car security systems
Body ECUs
Tire pressure monitoring system
Remote touch controller
Car navigation systems
Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) on-board equipment
Telematics control units
Advanced vehicle operation system
In-vehicle infortainment systems (IVI)
Driver status monitoring system

Millimeter-wave radar
Millimeter-wave radar

Driving Assist and Safety Products

Airbag sensors and ECUs
ABS/ESC actuators and ECUs
Millimeter-wave radars and ECUs for pre-crash safety systems and adaptive cruise control systems
Laser radars and ECUs for adaptive cruise control systems
Cameras and ECUs for Lane Keeping Assist
ECUs for adaptive front lighting systems

Electric Control Components

Sensors and ECUs for Electric Power Steering (EPS) systems
Electric Drive Unit (EDU) for electric Variable Cam Timing (e-VCT) system