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Management Strategy

Message from the President

I am deeply grateful for the support we have received from all our stakeholders.

Fiscal 2014, the year ended March 31, 2014, was the second year of our Global Mid-term Policy. Higher production of automobiles in advanced economies and China, cost reduction efforts, and exchange gains from yen depreciation led to growth in both sales and income. Net sales rose 14.4% year on year to ¥4,095.9 billion, operating income expanded 44.0% year on year to ¥377.7 billion, income before income taxes grew 48.5% year on year to ¥418.6 billion, and net income increased 58.2% to ¥287.4 billion. The results for fiscal 2014 were better than the Company's performance prior to the Lehman Shock.

In April 2013, we drew up the "DENSO Group Long-term Policy 2020. " The DENSO Group shares the one goal of "Protecting lives, Preserving the planet, and Preparing a bright future for generations to come." We aim to deliver convenience as well as the joy of driving to people all over the world, while striving to balance growth with sustaining the global environment, as well as a society where each and every one of us can live in peace, safety, and happiness. We hope to contribute to the creation of such a society while gaining the confidence of all of our stakeholders.

I sincerely appreciate the ongoing support of all our stakeholders.

July 2014

President and CEO nobuaki katoh

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