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R&D Structure

In a global environment of continued severe competition, DENSO has further strengthened its R&D development in order to create new value and produce new technologies. In conjunction with this, we have instituted roadmaps to track the progress for each development span from the short term (up to 5 years) through the medium term (up to 10 years) to the long term (more than 10 years). These roadmaps are updated every year, incorporating changes in society and regulations, and shared between each division and engineering research and development center so that decisions can be made about which projects to start and which to alter or terminate. Roadmaps are used throughout the Group, including proposals for unique kinds of value and technologies in each region. Presently, the Company's R&D Division makes decisions about new technology proposals, but in the future we aim to build a global R&D structure centered on European and North American sites.

Technology management strategies Technological development roadmap (environment, safety, comfort, convenience)



Development Network

In order to develop products that are optimized to meet the conditions and needs in each of the world's regions, the DENSO Group maintains seven technical centers and is strengthening its global development network.
Overseas in fiscal 2014, we expanded two technical centers in Germany (the Aachen Engineering Center and the Munich Engineering Center) and invested in the German company ADASENS Automotive GmbH, which develops image recognition technologies for advanced active safety. In Japan, we established a design and development base for automotive semiconductor circuits in Tokyo, aiming to enhanced our advanced technologies in environment, security and safety fields.
In the fiscal 2014, R&D expenditure amounted to ¥368.7 billion, of which the overseas segment accounted for approximately 15%. Going forward, we will be enhancing the utilization of our overseas bases and are thus planning to increase the proportion of overseas R&D expenses.

In fiscal 2015, we are expecting R&D expenditure of ¥390.0 billion and will continue R&D activities at an ongoing high level. We will also continue to conduct enterprising R&D with a view to enhancing our competitiveness. We consider R&D expenditures at 8%–9% of sales to be an appropriate level and will work proactively on the power shift to priority fields, enhancing our integrated development/production network, and raising operational efficiency by the promotion of standardized procedures.

Core Technical Centers

R&D Expenditures / Ratio of R&D Expenditures to Net Sales

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