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Information & Safety Systems

Development and production of car navigation systems, ITS (intelligent transport system) products such as electronic toll collection, telematics, driving safety products including sensor computers for airbags, body ECUs (engine control units), and meters

Results for Fiscal 2015 and Growth Strategies

  FY2015 FY2014 Change YoY
Revenue (Billions of yen) 626.6 628.6 -0.3%

In fiscal 2015, revenue were essentially unchanged from the previous fiscal year. Despite an increase in the use of control braking systems and active safety products as well as the positive flow-on effects of the weak yen, this stagnant result was mainly attributable to the drop in navigation product sales.

Going forward, we will focus our energies on expanding sales of automatic braking systems and other typical active safety products. We will also concentrate on the development of advanced driving support systems that utilize automated driving support. In addition, with regard to IVI* products, the new development of which is being promoted as an alternative to navigation systems, we will enhance sales by product planning that takes in the end-users' perspective. Moving forward, we will help to bring about an increasingly safe and secure mobile society by not only delivering sensors in millimeter-wave and laser radar, camera, sonar, and other fields, such products as head-up displays (HUDs), information and communication products including in-vehicle wireless devices as well as individual products, but also by reinforcing the development of compatible systems that employ these strengths. * In-vehicle infotainment: Automotive information and communication systems that provide not only the functions found on conventional car navigation systems but also preventive safety and advanced driver support functions as well as bundled inside and outside vehicle information and audio functions and Internet connectivity functions of the kind found in smartphones.

Fiscal 2015 Topics

New Products and Technologies

Began conducting tests on a public road in Aichi Prefecture in an effort to develop advanced support technologies that help to reduce driver workload and assist in safe driving. Utilizing vision sensors and millimeter-wave radar to recognize moving vehicles and lane-separating white lines, tests are being conducted on automated driving scenarios in a single lane, automatic lane changes, and other driving maneuvers.

Participated in the 2014 Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress held in Detroit, United States. In addition to an exhibition booth, the Company's participation included driving demonstrations based on DENSO's safety and HMI* technologies.* Human machine interface (technology): Technology to ensure the careful and automatic presentation of informa tion and control operations to an operator or user about the state of a process without causing his or her distraction by deeply understanding the features of the human body and the senses such as eyesight, hearing, and touch.

Received the Good Design Award 2014 sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion for the Company's analog meter installed in the LEXUS new model SUV NX. Since first receiving the award for its simplified wireless equipment in 1976, DENSO has received the award on 121 occasions and over 23 consecutive years since 1992.

Developed an ultrasonic wave sensor in collaboration with multiple companies. This sensor helps to reduce collision damage when parking and is being delivered to Toyota Motor Corporation to support that company's intelligence clearance sonar technology. Moreover, DENSO is developing vision sensors and millimeter-wave radar for inclusion in the safety technology package called Toyota Safety Sence.

Developed and began the delivery of ECUs for peripheral monitoring system use. These ECUs employ four cameras, one each at the front, left, right, and rear of vehicles to capture and provide information of surrounding objects that are otherwise difficult to see.

Manufactured and began delivery of the world's first 2-drive motor control unit (MCU) for integrated electronic power steering (EPS) providing enhanced EPS reliability.

Business Expansion and New Companies

Promoted increased sales of HUDs for use in the Volvo 90 series.

Main Products

Instrument cluster
Instrument cluster
Car navigation system
Car navigation system

Information and Communications

Instrument clusters
Head-up displays (HUDs)
Integrated climate control panels
Smart keys
Remote keyless entry controllers
Wireless door lock controller
Car security systems
Body ECUs
Tire pressure monitoring systems
Remote touch controllers
Car navigation systems
Electronic toll collection (ETC) on-board equipment
Telematics control units
Advanced vehicle operation system
In-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems

Millimeter-wave radar
Millimeter-wave radar

Driving Assist and Safety Products

Airbag sensors and ECUs
ABS/ESC actuators and ECUs
Millimeter-wave radars and ECUs for pre-crash safety systems and adaptive cruise control systems
Laser radars and ECUs for adaptive cruise control systems
Cameras and ECUs for Lane Keeping Assist
ECUs for adaptive front lighting systems
Rear and corner sonars
Driver status monitoring systems
Surround monitoring system

Electric Control Components

ECUs for electric power steering (EPS) systems
Motor control units (MCUs)
Electric drive units (EDUs) for electric Variable Cam Timing (e-VCT) systems