This is our new tagline for expressing DENSO.
Koji Arima, President and CEO

01. Time of Great Change

It's a time of great change in the auto industry. And great opportunity. The industry will change more in the next decade than in the previous century, with electrification, connectivity, car sharing and autonomous driving. DENSO believes this presents opportunities for cars to link people and society, making their lives easier and more convenient and delivering new value to the world.

02. What We Believe

That's why we reexamined our brand image and established our new tagline, Crafting the Core. This tagline illustrates our passion to continue creating and refining products that matter to people. It reflects our willingness to take on challenges without fearing change and to keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible, which is the foundation of DENSO.

03. DENSO Continues to Evolve

At DENSO, what we make is at the core of the modern, safe and energy-efficient vehicles the world needs. But we define “the core” as much more than any product or service we produce.

Our core is our people. Each of us brings special strengths and skills to work everyday. We all are individual inventors who join forces to become an unstoppable global force for good.

Our power and ability to lead society to a new and better place is drawn from each of us, from who we all are at our core: what we believe, the choices we make and the actions we take every day.