Begin with People

Promoting Individual Potential and Team Synergy

DENSO provides a working environment where ambitious individuals grow and teamwork flourishes. We invest in our people because our success depends on their personal and professional development. DENSO management is committed to respecting each employee while nurturing both individual and team capabilities. We seek to put people first, encourage participative decision making by all members, foster collaborative teamwork and support career development.

1. Human Resource Management that Values People

Based on a policy of respect for employees, DENSO provides a stable working environment that minimizes anxieties, heightens motivation and encourages long-term employment. 

2. Participative Management by All Members

Every employee is considered a member of management who shares our corporate policies and goals, demonstrates commitment and takes responsibility for personal actions. This working environment encourages employees with high aspirations to actively propose improvements and positive change. We greatly value and respect their contributions. 

3. Support for Career Development

DENSO provides a challenging working environment where aspiring leaders can develop their careers and achieve their professional goals. Opportunities include large business projects, educational programs, job rotation and training opportunities such as our Human Resources Development Program. 

4. Teamwork

We encourage open communication among employees throughout the organization and host company activities in the office and off-site to promote good relations and teamwork.