Information and Communication Products Human Machine Interface (HMI)

DENSO's HMI (Human Machine Interface) provides the driver with feedback appropriate to the driving situation without distracting his/her attention by appealing to three of the driver’s five senses — sight, hearing, and touch — to encourage attentive driving. 


Car Navigation System

The Car Navigation System displays the current location of the vehicle and indicates the best route to the destination. It guides the driver using radio signals sent from global positioning system (GPS) satellites, map information, the vehicle’s speed and direction, and other data.

Integrated Antenna

Our Integrated Antenna system combining antenna equipments of GPS (Global Positioning System), VICS (Vehicle Information and Communication System) and ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) is attractively designed and easy to install.

Optical Beacon Antenna

An Optical Beacon Antenna is a communication device installed near a road for bidirectional communication between vehicles and traffic control stations. Via directional near-infrared technology, it prevents vehicles from interfering with each other's communications.

Instrument Cluster

The Instrument Cluster provides a combination of information needed by the driver via speedometer, fuel gauge, water temperature gauge, odometer, and other indicators.

Head-Up Display Unit

The Head-Up Display Unit displays vehicle speed and other information on the front windscreen for the driver to view. It can be installed separately as a driving support system apart from the Instrument Cluster.

Remote Touch Controller

The Remote Touch Controller allows the driver to operate the car navigation system by remote control. Like a computer mouse, it lets the driver operate a cursor on the vehicle’s navigation system screen to select tasks.