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The Powertrain Cooling System, including the Radiator, stabilizes the temperature of the cylinder walls, (raised by engine operation) to maintain thermal efficiency and prevent overheating. DENSO's Radiator is a reliable, highly functional component based on advanced heat-exchange technology.


Reserve Tank


The Radiator prevents engine overheating. Coolant, which flows through the engine, absorbs heat from the engine. The coolant circulates between the engine and radiator and releases absorbed heat to the atmosphere as it flows through the radiator. The cooled coolant then flows back into the engine to begin the cooling process again.

Cooling Fan

EGR Cooler

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) circulates a portion of exhaust gas from the combustion of fuel in the engine back to the engine, reducing the production of nitrogen oxides which damage the environment. The EGR Cooler enhances this function by lowering the temperature of the recirculated exhaust gas.

Inter Cooler

The Inter Cooler, which is placed downstream of a turbocharger, cools air drawn into the engine. The turbocharger compresses air, allowing the engine to take in more air, but that air is heated when it's compressed. The Inter Cooler increases the density of the compressed air by cooling it to supply much more air to the engine to increase the engine power.

Oil Cooler

Cooling Fan Controller

Coolant Temperature Sensor

Oil Filter