Small Motors Small Motors

DENSO has the world's leading market share of small motors for vital automotive components such as wipers and power windows and will continue to support drivers by offering outstanding stability and durability. 


Wiper System(Front&Rear)

The Windshield Wiper System moves across the windshield to remove rain and dirt to maintain visibility. The system consists of blade(s) with rubber edges that wipe the windshield, pivoting arm(s) that hold and move the blade(s), a motor to pivot the arm(s), and a linkage to transmit motor power to the arm(s).

Power Window Motor

The Power Window Regulator Motor electronically raises and lowers the vehicle's windows. Some motors are designed to automatically stop raising the window to prevent injury when a hand or other object is trapped between the window and window frame.

Washer System

The Windshield Washer System sprays washer fluid on the windshield to remove mud and other dirt. It consists of a washer fluid nozzle, pump, and reservoir.

Blower Motor